8 years only for man who raped, impregnated stepdaughter


Nkhotakota First Grade Magistrate has sentenced a 46-year-old man to eight years in prison for raping and impregnating his 15 year-old stepdaughter in Nkhotakota district.

State prosecutor Cedrick Cosmas told the court that in August this year the girl who is 15 years was on several occasions sexually abused by her stepfather.

She is currently four months pregnant according to hospital results.

Prosecutor Cosmas told the court that the mother of the victim was married to the suspect but early this year they divorced following family disputes. After this, the girl together with her mother left for Ntcheu, their district of origin.

CourtBut the rapist convinced the girl to go back and continue staying with him.

Early December this year, neighbours noticed appearance change in the girl and village elders cornered the girl who confessed to have been repeatedly raped by her stepfather.

Police arrested the suspect and charged him with an offence of defilement against section 138 (1) of the penal code.

In mitigation   the rapist asked the court to be lenient as he is a responsible family man.

However, First Grade Magistrate Fred Juma Chilowetsa presiding over the case said the case is serious in nature. He further condemned the convict for sexually abusing the girl instead of protecting her.

Chilowetsa went on to sentence the rapist to eight years in imprisonment with hard labour.

In a related development, the same court sentenced 19 year-old Alinafe Billy to serve a 18 month jail term for defiling a 14-year-old girl.

According to police, state prosecutor assistant superintendent McRhino Lungu told the court that the two started sleeping together when the girl was only 10 years.

“Earlier this month it was discovered that the girl is pregnant. Parents swiftly reported the matter to police,” said Lungu.

His worship Fred Juma Chilowetsa then sentenced the convict to serve 18 months jail term.

But he was quick to say that the lenient is due to circumstances on how the offence was committed. He said the relationship of the two started while the victim and the suspect were young as such childishly the offence was committed.

Alinafe Billy hails from Kamongo village, in the area of senior chief Mwadzama both from Nkhotakota district.



  1. 8Yrs or 8months in Prison?? Nanga mwanayo alera ndani? chilango chabwino ndikumunyanyalira khandalo likabadwa alele yekha after 2ryrs he can Now go to prison to serve his Sentence….kkkk that can be a gud punishment 4 him

  2. Was equally surprised by most people to say 8 years is not enough…

    What sentence dd u want the court to give? Eish zavuta kale izi

  3. Wina kuba njinga 10yrs,,,wogwililira 8 yrs iiiiiii so bad.oweruza penapake muziganiza.zaka zachepa ameneyo iyaaa akanayenera kukhala moyo wake onse…umenewo ndi ufiti

  4. Kodi chifukwa chani zimenezi zikuchulukira ku Kumpoto kokha??? In souther parts of Malawi is only Mangochi like that koma kumpoto ndi boma lina lililonse guys be shamed yourselves.let’s pray to Jah,he must do something.

    • What a wasted sperm? Fisi anachuka ndikumpoto? Nkhotakhota is also in northen region? Just show how maximum stupid u are. Is it necesary to pull tribal and race card. In mpoto we are well educated and we dont cause over population in Malawi. If u dont know, just eat fuckn shut up. Mtundu wopangitsa Malawi kunyozedwa ndiwabambo ako u idiot.

    • Kodi ku mphunzira kwake kuti mbuzi iwe,simatchulepo samaphunziro ine iyaaa.mesa kuyambira kale ma unduna azamaphunziro amatenga ndi atumbuka wayamba wekha okha.l don’t care who u r.l said some of southern parts of Malawi Especially Mangochi koma kumpoto mwanyanya kudziwa kunyenga chani.l doubt if Tumbuka’s Are trully Malawi.

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