No dry taps for Christmas – BWB


The Blantyre Water Board (BWB) has assured residents in the commercial city that they are to have running water during the Christmas season.

According to BWB, the residents should also be assured of continued water supply during the 2016/17 rainy season.

BWB assures users of no dry taps.

In a statement, BWB has applauded residents in the city for their support to the board on various activities.

“This has enabled the board to work in an effective and efficient manner, thereby ensuring restoration of water supply within 24 hours, an improvement that has resulted in increased revenue,” reads part of the statement.

The board has also applauded residents for reporting on leakages of water and bursting of pipes saying that it has helped the board to minimize losses encountered after losing water from such cases.

The board has since been geared to tap water from Mulanje Mountain to ensure that the residents of the city take water shortage as history.



  1. How about electricity? ??
    Do we need water only on Christmas? ??

    You have failed the young people because you have failed to keep the doors of our universities open. You have failed the manufacturer because you have failed to supply electricity for production.

    “You have failed the donors because you have failed to remove the dross from your own cabinet. You have failed the northerners because you have failed to include them in development plans.”

    You have failed the Vice President because you have failed to maximize the young man’s talents for progress. You have failed the country because you have failed to live in the same country that Malawians live in.

    ” Your Excellency, I tell you now without fear or favor, that you are living in a fantasy. You live in Mutharika Republic, whose capital is the State House, where our taxes supply you with an endless supply of free water when Malawians have no water, free food when Malawians face hunger, free electricity when Malawians live in the dark ages, free travel when Malawians walk with no shoes, free fuel when Malawians cry at the pumps, free 100-million Kwacha cars with bullet-proof doors to protect you from imaginary enemies when Malawians have nothing to protect them from your disastrous leadership, free medical attention across the globe for your so-called rheumatism when Malawians are dying in hospitals with no medicines and no doctors.

    The Mutharika Republic you live in and of which you are President is a different country from the one the rest of us live in, because the rest of us still live in Malawi, still live for Malawi, still go to school in Malawi, still go to hospital in Malawi, still raise our children in Malawi, still work for Malawi, and still fight for Malawi.”

    “if Mutharika was serious about fighting corruption, he would have implemented the following simple solutions:

    Separate the Anti-corruption Bureau from the Executive Branch completely so that it has full power and independence to investigate corruption by members of the Executive Branch.
    Suspend all top Government officials from office who were at the helm of government ministries in years we know money was siphoned from state coffers, until an independent investigation clears them of collusion in the corruption that happened on their watch.

    Create a special court in the Judiciary that will focus exclusively on cases of corruption and public fraud so that cases of stealing taxpayers’ funds are given priority and speedy conclusion.

    Place all government contracts under a special parliamentary review that will determine and terminate all contracts whose terms, structures, and primary beneficiaries are not Malawians.

    Pass a robust Access To Information bill and use it to expose all public officers with business interests that are using the state as a means to personal gain, so that those officers can be removed from office.

    But Mutharika cannot implement simple solutions, not because they haven’t crossed his mind, but because he lacks the leadership to stand up to the corrupt elements of his own government. It is almost as though he is at their mercy more than he is at the service of Malawians.”


    God bless you all and God bless Malawi.

  2. Kikikikikikikikiki No dry taps for xmas but that day we won’t have electricity, on 1 January we won’t have water but electricity. After celebrating chrismas and new year then you shall take us back to our problem of blackout and water shortage, thats what you are trying to tell us here, stupid people!

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