Suffix, Kelvin Zalimba cry for girls


Award winning hip hop gospel artist Suffix has found an ally in Kelvin Zalimba as they express their heartfelt concern over the plight of the girl child in Malawi.

In a recently released care for girls theme song, Suffix marries the traditional beat to the brim as he lyrically delivers poignant words through the art. With Kelvin Zalimba, the 2016 E-wallet talent show winner, mastering the chorus, the magic is unbearable.

The strong lyrics as delivered through Suffix’s two verses tell a story that is swimming in tears shed for the girl child. Her education is in jeopardy since parents are more concerned with a boy as demanded by traditions.

Suffix heads to talk about the plight of girls in Malawi.

“Zikhalidwe zakwathu ndizabwino koma zina mzikwapu, zambiri ndi zilango kodi chikhale chitonzo, kukhala mkazi si tchimo chonde musandipange choncho,” sounds the opening part of Suffix’s maiden verse.

The song addresses Malawians to change their attitudes towards girls and put an effort in eradicating some harmful cultural practices that hampers their success.

As Kelvin sings on the chorus, girls are equally capable of being leaders. As a gospel artist one thing which the Blantyre based rapper does not forget is calling upon the name of the Lord to intervene in the endeavours.

He raps, “Sindikugiver mpaka mkafike komwe kuli maloto anga ambuye chonde mgwireni mkono.”

The duo has shed tears of hope in a formulae parallel to Malawi’s traditional values.

Use of Chichewa language shines the sweet to the instrumental which is full of elements locals can relate to.

With over 4000 downloads just a few days after it was accommodated on major local music sites, the influence is real which gives hope of a change in attitudes and behaviours in Malawi.

The art comes amidst a growing concern over number of girls withdrawing from schools on inequality grounds as inspired by some traditional practices.

Most girls are forcibly getting married, a factor that has made young men and women in Malawi to rise up in pursuit of a balanced situation.


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