Nurses and midwives to be deregistered for taking photos of victims


Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi (NMCM) has issued a warning to nurses and midwives to stop taking and sharing photos of victims.

In a press statement issued today, signed by registrar and chief executive officer Dr. Isabella Msolomba Musisi, NMCM says it is worried with this behaviour.

NMCM says it is illegal to be taking photos of victims especially at scenes of road accidents and even in hospitals without the consent of the affected parties.

Malawi Nurses

Warned! (File)

“The NMCM would like to make a plea to the public especially to our practicing nurses and midwives to refrain from taking part in this malpractice

“This is morally, ethically and professionally wrong besides, causing more psychological trauma to the relatives of the concerned victims. To the nursing and midwifery fraternity, if found conducting yourself in such malpractice, you will be summarily deregistered with NMCN,” reads part of the statement.

She then appealed to the general public together with these nurses and midwives to treat all the victims in a respectful and dignified manner the way they were taught.

This comes barely days after police in Dedza district condemned Malawians for sharing photos of accident victims.

Last week, photos of a Malawian man, John Kawonga who got stabbed to death by his South African wife after he went home drunk on last Saturday in Cape Town also went viral on social media.



  1. prvacy and confidentiality kodi mulibe mu ethics? this nzocokela ku skool olo ma foni awa abwera ndi makamela koma ethic ndi ya flolensi nitghtngale. komaso si ma nesi asopano okha akupanga zimenezi,
    cimozimozi kulengeza za matenda a odwala kwa anthu ena
    pa zana paja panali nesi wa ku mwaiwathu amene analengesa za matenda a bro wa nzanga. komatu akuoneka kuti si nesi wasopano ai, bwanji sankhazikise pansi????????????? molini kawalewali.
    mu zipatalamu tikuona ma nesi kuimba ma foni pa maso pa odwala komaso sityiziwa kuti akutijambula pena ai.ovutika ndife ma patient ufulu wathu ukutengedwa mmanja mwa ogwila nchito mu zipatala

  2. That’s true ,they have no rights to take a photo without permission, if someone try to take a photo for me or my family member I will sue them to court