Nsanje mob torches suspected murderer


A mob in Nsanje district has torched a 47 year-old man suspected of killing a security guard at Mchacha James around Makhanga Trading centre in Nsanje district.

Police in the district have confirmed the death of Rice Meke who hailed from Mwanabvumbe village in the area of Chief Mlolo in Nsanje.

According to Nsanje police publicist Agness Zalakoma, Meke has been killed at Ruo dock as he tried to cross the river in the area.

Blantyre Mob Justice

Mob justice on the rise: (Library)

“On the night of December 14, 2016, Rice Meke and his accomplices were alleged to have killed a certain security guard in Kanting’indi village in the area and ran away. So as they tried to cross the river at Mchacha James some people identified them and started chasing them,” she said.

Meke was apprehended and the assailants hacked him before setting him on fire.

Investigations on the matter are currently underway but no arrests have been made so far.

Meanwhile, Meke’s death has brought to 10 the number of people killed through mob justice in Nsanje this year alone after seven others were torched to death at Tengani Trading centre for being found with human bones and two were killed at Mbangu village after they were suspected to have stolen goats.



  1. Iye phangayo akathawanji? Wapionatu. We need peace in our every days life. Caught today bail tomorrow. Is that justice? We have to look on both sides of a coin. Innocent people are dying in jail, criminals are free in street. Is that Malawi we want? Wake up Malawians. Osamagona kunja kwacha. Oyipa athawa.

  2. There is a difference between “rule of law” and “rule of men.” I am meant to believe that we, Malawians, follow rule of law. By its very nature, rule of law entails that everyone should be subject to the law, no one should be above the law. However, the increase in the number of “mob justice” proves me wrong as to whether indeed we are guided by this principle of rule of law. I think rule of men is taking over; men have taken over the powers of the court; they are now the prosecution, the Judge, the President (who signs the death warrant), and hung man

    Let’s believe in our judicial system.

    • With Respect To The Men Of Grovelling Language:A Court Akamutulutsa Munthu Pa Bail Then Iye Ndikupanga Abscond Ndikumamulephela Kumugwila Ndiye Tidzipanga Trust Short Armed System yo?

    • #Papias Dick: i share your concerns; there are times when things have not been handled to the satisfaction of the masses. However, i do not agree with you on the issue of mob justice, the extra-judicial killing….. the presumption of innocence and other principles ought to be followed. Thats my view. i hope we can debate this issue with a sober mind

    • The issue of absconding bail that u have alluded to (Papia Dick), normally, bail is given with conditions attached; if one absconds, bail is revoked; thus, there is already a laid down procedure to address such eventualities. I don’t think killing the person extra-judiciary is one of them

    • I understand the pain that one feels when one looses his or her loved one or a member of the family/community. Death is such a painful thing, quite heartbreaking indeed. More painful can it be when caused by another. However, i think there is that way of disposing the matter. I would still insist that we trust our judicial system to handle the same

    • Muzaziwona m bale wanu ataphedwa okuphayo nkumuwona akuyenda atatuluka ku police malamulo amalawi ndiwopusa ngati kuli dziko lomwe malamulo ake ndiwopepera padziko pano nde malawi nde anthu anatopa nazo nkuwona mob justice ikugwira bwino ntchito nawo anthu ali m boma samaganiza mob justice sikuti ikupangika mbali imodzi ya dziko ikupangika dziko lonse kusonyeza kuti anthu anatopa nazo zomwe zikuchitika ndi malamulo opusawa anthu zoona kumakatenga injunction ndipo ma judge omwewa opusawa nkumaperekadi kuti anthu okuba apitirire kudula mitengo kuchikangawa zoona dziko ili lotchedwa malawi tawononga tokha chifukwa cha malamulo opusawa ndi ma judge opusawa

    • Patrick Makwacha: If Laws of this land are failing to address the growing needs of the society one of the correct steps we can take as a nation is to legislate on the same rather than creating a society based on doctrine of survival of the fittest.

    • # PATRICK MAKWACHA: It should be borne in our mind that our judiciary is full of learned men and women .pple with high integrity and professionalism.Moreover they don’t judge cases from abstract … they work basing on precedents.so to say what you have said about them ,am of the opinion that its absurd despite the flaws our laws have,if any.