Malawians urged to follow weather forecast: warned on dangers of negligence

Metrological expert Ennock Tembo has urged Malawians to be following weather forecasts in order to avoid being victims of natural disasters and other accidents.

Speaking in an interview, Tembo said some of the accidents that are leading to casualties in the country would have been avoided if people followed weather updates.

He said weather forecasting is aimed at alerting people on how weather of a particular day will be thus it is important that people must be following the updates with keen interest.

Heavy storm like this one could be known through forecasts.

“You will find out that before the havoc rains pour, experts have already predicted about it, so if people may be following the updates, they may prepare in advance for their safety,” he said.

 He bemoaned the attitude people give to weather forecasts, saying it is very dangerous because everyone is living in the world which is risky thus it is important to pay attention to some alerts that are aimed at protecting lives.

 “When it is time for weather forecast, they switch off their radios. That is very worrisome because the updates are prepared for their own safety,” he added.

This comes at a time weather related accidents have already begun causing casualties in the country.

Recently, hundreds of people were displaced and some got injured when strong winds caused havoc in the area of traditional authority Mwenerondo in Karonga.

This occurred only few days after others were equally rendered homeless in Mzimba, owing to the same cause.

Meanwhile, people have also been cautioned to follow all procedures on how to avoid lightning strikes.

“One of them is to live inside the house, when lightning starts,” said Tembo.



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