Malawi to lead on drone use for humanitarian support in Africa


The Malawi government and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are set to establish an air corridor for drones to be used for humanitarian support.

According to UNICEF, the project will help in responding to humanitarian support to citizens during times of disasters.


Ready for use.

The drones are also expected to fly goods that have recommended weight for the unmanned machines to people affected by different disasters.

UNICEF also disclosed that the drones will be used to provide aerial photographs and analyzing the images.

Malawi’s civil aviation director Alfred Mtiratila has since applauded the project arguing that it will attract more drone operators in the country.

“This project will help Malawi in many sectors including health, and development in many ways,” said Mtiratila.

The corridor will be in full operation in April next year. Drones are used in commercial and military activities in many parts of the world.



  1. Hahahaha! Malawi imangovomela chirichonse from azungu without considering it’s negative effects, intentions of donors e.t.c! We just have to accept that we are the testing ground 4 every new technology

    • Sure and agree with you @LNyasulu. Azungu has an intention on @ that but our government doesn’t know. Poti awawuza kuti will be the first county to test the drowns.aaaa mwwweeee. Akutherani njobvu zija mwasamutsira ku KK aziziwona kuti zabisala apa iphaani. Or they have interior motives behind, remember the Area 18 UNC HIV/AIDS TESTING CLINIC CENTRE

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