15 December 2016 Last updated at: 10:26 AM

Ugandan Jose Chameleon steals from Dan Lu

Ugandan veteran musician Jose Chameleon has released a song that has the same title as Malawian top singer Dan Lu’s Sweet Banana.

The Malawian boy recorded his Sweet Banana in October last year in Nigeria and it features that country’s top notch singer K’cee.

It was not until early this year when it gathered momentum and became a great hit expected from artists of that calibre.

Jose Chameleon

Jose Chameleon: Drop Sweet Banana song.

Little did the Blantyre based MC knew that his Ugandan counterpart had the same idea to tittle his latest project Sweet Banana.

The track which was released five days ago has had an instant impact in Uganda as thousands of downloads on music sites can indicate.

Two separate songs done by two different artists from two different countries, but under the same tittle.

Is this a mere coincidence or Dan Lu’s work inspired the Ugandan song considering that it was the first to be released? Malawi’s Sweet Banana was one of this year’s big hits in Africa with massive airplay on Trace Television and MTV Base among other major continental platforms.

It’s just a matter of time before we find out what is going to become of Uganda’s Sweet Banana.

The two songs find unity in theme as they are all addressing issues about love and the major point of distinction lies in delivery.

Malawi’s Sweet Banana is in afro genre whereas the Ugandan one is a dancehall song. When it comes to reputation of the artists, research findings indicate the Ugandan is known around Africa.

His music is highly exported to many countries in the continent including Malawi. It is a different story for Dan Lu who has just begun making a name in Africa.

Some of the popular songs done by the Ugandan top musician are Dolotia, Jamia, Mama Loda, Badilisha and Kipepe. Born Joseph Mayanja, he ventured into music in 1996.

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