St. Ambrose Joint Choir to launch Mwini Zonse DVD

St. Ambrose Choir

A gospel group from the northern part of Malawi, St. Ambrose joint choir which is under the Anglican Church in Karonga, is expected to launch its DVD this coming month.

The launch has been slated for 1st January 2017 at Karonga museum in the same district and will also see well known Malawian gospel artists grace the event including the Anaphi star Thoko Katimba.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Wednesday, the choir’s director Innocent Mkweweka said all preparations are at an advanced stage to launch ‘Mwini Zonse’ album.

St. Ambrose Choir
St. Ambrose Choir: Launching DVD next month.

Mkweweka further said the group is ready to perform when the day comes and all its members are expected to be available.

“So far this group has been performing alongside renowned groups, and it’s an experience to our group. This group has got 6 years in the gospel fraternity and we want to disseminate the gospel in Malawi and abroad because some countries know the group,” Mkweweka said.

During the day, supporting artists will include Israel Ndalema, Kabwiri C.C.A.P church choir, Vitowe Gondwe, Kalonga Cyf choir, Grace cathedral choir, Tumpale Kangale and Kanengo gospel singers.

Mkweweka also expressed his gratitude to the leaders of Anglican diocese in the northern Malawi Bishop Fanuel Magangani and Cannon Leslie for their kind support to the group all times.

“Let me personally thank our leaders in the diocese of the northern Malawi for their advice, and let me also get this opportunity to ask those preaching the gospel through this conduit not to prioritise money in their ministry because we lose our blessings from God,” he added.

St Ambrose’s joint choir Mwini Zonse DVD launch will only demand 1000 kwacha on the gate.

The songs in the album are Mwini Zonse, Tikondane, Musuwile, Msampha Wathyoka, Ndimasuleni, Anzeru Eni Eni, Watseka Makutu, Ketiro, Wamuyaya and Mpemphera.




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