River swallows woman


A 20 year-old young woman has died after drowning in Mbame River in the commercial city of Blantyre.

The deceased Aida Ntwana is reported to have drowned after attempting to cross the river while it had high levels of water due to rainfall.

Confirming to Malawi24, Blantyre Police assistant spokesperson Andrew Mayawo said the girl left her home and crossed the river without difficulties on her way to the farm.

Drown“The sister to the deceased Veronica Kabango reported to us that she left home at 5 am to work in the fields but when coming back she found that the water levels had gone up and she tried to cross the river, unfortunately she didn’t withstand the forces of the water,” said Mayawo.

Mayawo further urged the residents in the city to restrain from crossing rivers that have high levels of water on places that have no bridges.

Postmortem results from Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) revealed that the deceased died due to suffocation.

Ntwana was from Malowa village, Traditional Authority (TA) Zomba in Blantyre.



  1. Sad that it was the same day when we lost the two women by lightening( Mr Bakili Muluzi’s daughter) and coincidentally its in the same area. Sad Indeed. May the Soul of these women Rest in Eternal Peace. Amen.

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