Malawi Govt. told to speed up investigations into Issa Njauju murder

Issa Njauju

Relatives of late Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of cooperate affairs Issa Njauju have asked for government’s intervention in speeding up investigations into his murder.

Recently, national police publicist James Kadadzera said they are still working extra hard to complete their investigations on the matter a development that has not gone well with family members of Njauju.

Through their publicist, Ibrahim Njauju, the family members says they are worried with how the police are doing investigations on the matter and have since called on government’s much needed efforts so that the killers are apprehended.

“As family members we are still worrying and deeply concerned with what happened to our brother knowing that he was an intelligent, peace loving and integrity man. We lost our brother but up to date we don’t have any information regarding his death.”

“We are suffering a lot with his death because he was the breadwinner in the family. We are worrying a lot and we are asking the government of today to intervene and discover the truth on what happened to our brother,” said Ibrahim.

He added that their family will not be silent on the matter until the truth of who killed Njauju and for what reason gets revealed.

Issa Njauju
Issa Njauju; Was mercilessly killed.

Njauju was murdered last year in July and dumped behind the presidential villas in Lilongwe, less than two kilometres from Kamuzu Palace.

He had been missing for two days when his body was found and post-mortem results showed that Njauju was shot twice in the neck and chest before he was buried. Njauju’s official vehicle was found burnt to ashes in Mtsiriza, near Area 47.

Investigations into the murder of Njauju are said to be stalling with Police saying they are still searching for clues.

Police investigators also had several problems, including that the crime scene was not sealed off and that some evidence was destroyed.

Months ago, Justin Dzonzi who is Executive Director for Justice Link faulted the police for failure to show professional handling of the crime scene involving the high profile ACB official.

Envoys from the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, the European Union, Norway and Ireland also called for speedy investigations and warned that intimidation and bribery should not been used to deter ACB from pursuing those denying the country its much-needed resources through corruption.



  1. You cannot expect your right hand to investigate and punish your left hand. This guy was killed by the government agents. So the killers are well protected by the state. Lets not worry about that as the hour of judgement is around the corner. No secret will be left out. GOD IS THE BEST JUDGE

  2. kma ku Malawi kuno?Kayaa!! Agadama,Achiwanga,Asangala, Karonga Sitamburi,Evison Matafare,Fanikiso Phiri,Epifamiya Bongesi,Eckiret Kudontoni,Kwacha Ghambi.Mizimu yanu uwuse mumtendere.

  3. Kuchedwetsa sikukutanthauza kuti ochita zimenezi adzapambana ai koma zotsatira zake zidzakhudza dziko lonse la Malawi chifukwa mzimu wamunthu wachilungamo ndi oopsa ku Malawi anthu olamulira amaona ngati kulibe chilungamo padziko lapansi koma mwini olenga chilungamoyo adzichita chilungamo ndiye a Malawi zina zikuchitikazi musamadabwe anthu osalakwawa ena ndi anzathu ma alabino mukuganiza zimenezi dziko lingayende bwino tiyeni tisamale mwini wake akuona

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