Polytechnic students win fees case

University of Malawi

The High Court in Blantyre on Monday ruled in favour of students in the fees hike case involving Polytechnic Students Union (PSU) and the University of Malawi (Unima) council.

Passing judgement Judge Hilary Potani said the new fees should apply to the students who are expected to begin their first year at the institution in the 2016-2017 academic calendar not those who are continuing their studies.

University of Malawi Polytechnic
Court pleases Poly students.

The case was first brought before court after Polytechnic students challenged the council on the hiked fees, which will see students paying K350,000 a year each, arguing that their academic calendar is one year behind other colleges.

The court ruled in favour of the students but the Unima council council asked the court to re-hear the case since Unima was not represented in court when the students carried the day. The council also argued that the new fees structure was effected on all the constituent colleges regardless of the academic calendar.

In his remarks following Monday’s ruling, lawyer for the students Wanangwa Hara said the judgement was effective and fair to students.

“I am very happy on how the case has been handled. The case is over now we are expecting that the college will be opened soon,” he said.

A representative for the Polytechnic Students Union (PSU) also expressed gratitude saying the case was fair to the students.



  1. I salute the Judge coz these so called politicians azungulira mitu. I can see yakula ndi nsanje akufuna ophunzira akhale iwo basi ndi zizukulu zawo coz ali ndi ndalama zomwe amatibela ifezo. How do they expect mwana wa mulimi to afford ma fees otelowo? Busy making by laws that will oppress the poor why? Greedy people

  2. Apo mpo yeee!! Bora Judge yo ntchito asamuchotse.NDALAMULA Ma University ose fees itsike.Ariyese aziripira K150 000 pa chaka. Ndapanga izi koz anawa akaphuzira lidzapindure ndi dziko lathuri.

  3. in favour of PSU is more appropriate word to use here, for most students are strongly objurgating the egocentricity which has engulfed the PSU. ….and its true wat they say, “njobvu zikamamenyana umasafala ndi udzu”

    1. You are very stupid and inconsiderate. Ngati kwanu ndikophula kaphunzire ku oxford. PSU is the mandated body to represent all students. Not your voice. Go and hug a transformer

    2. sizikugwirizana ndi kuphula izi man, you think everything is about the needy, what about the sons and daughters of the rich don’t they have a right to education too, where do you get this arrogant idea that UNIMA is for the needy, Unima selects students based on academic prowess and nothing more, it’s not even rocket science to understand that fees iyiyi will save for only one year kwinako nde ma needy akazitenga kuti ndalama? komaso what is so special about Poly anyway poti other constituent Colleges are paying the hiked fees, that is if you Base your argument on u needy.

    3. This is a public institution which has the mandate to provide quality education to its citizen regardless of financial status but on merit in terms of academic. Performance. The PSU argument is valid and thats why it has been sustained by the courts. The arrogance of the UNiMA council is what caused this stand still. Its not the PSU that is delaying u. Think like an intellectual.

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