Terrible news: Bakili’s daughter Esmie and friend dead after lightning struck them

Muluzi: No more.

Sad news that Malawi24 is gathering is that lightning has killed the daughter to former President Bakili Muluzi, Esmie Muluzi Malisita and her friend Hazel Busily today in Blantyre.

According to Chief of Staff in the Office of the former President, Lameck Daniel Mombela, the incident took place when the two visited a farm in Mpemba Area in Blantyre before it started showering and then a lightning struck them.

They were then rushed to Mwaiwathu Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Esmie was born on 31 August 1969 and she is survived by a husband and children.

Lately, there have been such incidents as the rainy season has started.

Recently police advised people to avoid sitting under the trees to avoid such accidents and parents should also look after their children to avoid drowning accidents during this rainy season.

Two men had died after they waited for the rain to end under a tree in Dedza district.



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  5. The daughter of former president Bakili Muluzi, Esmie, and her friend, Hazel Busili, have been killed by lightning in Blantyre. Sources close to the family said the two were killed while they were working in a farm on the outskirts of the city. The accident happened around lunch hour. Spokesperson for the United Democratic Front (UDF) Ken Ndanga confirmed the incident in an interview with Zodiak, saying he had been authorised to speak on behalf of the family. Our reporter Maganizo Mazeze said the bodies of the two were taken to Mwaiwathu Private Hospital in the city before they were later moved to College of Medicine Mortuary. Muluzi and several UDF officials were seen at Mwaiwathu Hospital. It has not been raining heavily in Blantyre since last week, except for the early hours of today in some parts, said Mazeze, so the accident has come as a surprise for many. News of the death was also announced in parliament in Lilongwe in the afternoon. MPs paid their condolence messages. Esmie’s brother, Atupele, who is a member of parliament, was not present in the chamber this afternoon. Muluzi’s former wife, Shanil, who is also an MP, was also not present in the house.

  6. Please people, just send your condolences to the bereaved families, and do that without mixing politics and so forth. Ndi imfa iyi please. Thank you.

  7. Why only one picture of a deeasead yet they are two ? Anyway RIP. This is so sad to both family.May God be with. The family during this trying period.

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  11. very bad ma lightning akutenga mkaz osalakwa uyu kusiya anthu oipa akuba ndalama zabomawa chiwalondole chi lightning chimenechi… may her soul rest in peace

  12. “The news that you are gathering?” You should have waited then to give the real complete story. BREAKING NEWS(more details to follow) would fit and sound better #MyOpinion

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