We love disorder – residents tell Blantyre City Council

Anthony Kasunda
Following the announcement that Blantyre City Council will be banning the hosting of weddings, parties and other discomforting arrangements in residential areas, residents of the city and other Malawians have lambasted the Council.
Anthony Kasunda
Kasunda : Confirmed of the news.

The people were reacting to the news that was published by Malawi24 that the Council will start cracking on party hosts in residential areas following the evacuation of an injunction restraining the Council from carrying such an action.

In the comments made, a good number of Malawians faulted the Council for opting to bring sanity to the city.
With the comments ranging from totally disparaging the Council over its plans to flying conspiracy theories, it has emerged that some Malawians on the social media are darlings of anarchy.
“That’s because Council wants people to be using its halls so it can collect revenue,” one threw a conspiracy theory on the issue.
“So, if people cannot celebrate at their homes then where can they celebrate?” another faulted the council.
“That is not in line with democracy, it is only under authoritarian regimes that such orders can be made,” one deliberately chose to mistake democracy for lawlessness.
“You need to resign, you seem to be out of touch with reality,” another commented.
One opted to be misled that simply because it is his own house then he can disturb his neighbors. He commented:
“My own house, you didn’t contribute anything to construct it. I can do what I want with it. You have no business telling me how to do anything.”
Few saw sense in the decision by BCC. One indicated that BCC was right because there was a lot of noise pollution in the townships owing to the rise of Gardens for hosting weddings and events that would sometimes go late into the night.



  1. Am here in RSA weakend suturday if there is party we don’t sreep and is town st mix Indian white and few black suturday is alaw wayawaya so those ppl who complains they must fokof it’s ppls rights as long as is weakened

  2. They are coming up with stupid rules & bloody failing to bring the economy on track.some Minister must be on a deal

  3. The halls are very few in Blantyre yet there are so many such activities as weddings, engagements etc, I see a very big problem with the order. The city council itself does not have any public places for the people to use. before banning something, there must be an alternative

  4. This is the right idea,i don’t like noisy evironment and sometimes,it is too much and boring.That is the only way to reduce that as a matter of fact.

    1. Be friendly to your neighbours then you can talk tto them nicely. Don’t be selfish. You can’t stop someone by force to use his or her facility. Nosense

  5. My beloved Malawians, play your radios at full blast than ever before. That radio belongs to you. And you are the only person who knows how much you suffered to acquire it. You have got no another country you can feel free to play your radio hence you are a Malawian. Those stupid idiots who are telling you to keep quiet are stealing our money and taking to the lake all the prostitutes in town to enjoy the loud music they don’t want you to enjoy.

  6. Mukamapanga Zauchisiru zanuzo musatipute Ife akundirande dala chifukwa muzatipasa ntchito yokuonesani zilango. Malangizowa ndi a ulele. Agwiriseni ntchito choonde… Prevention is better than cure.

  7. The people are still in primitive life. When they will open their eyes they will agree with it. They dont want order but salvage life. Any place got its own activity. Residential areas need to be quiet because its not everyone that likes noise and some people dont sleep because of the noise the neighbours makes. Other countries peple get fined or arrested and even get a ban for a period of time not to play music/ radios loud. Get up guys and be decent.

    1. Keeping quiet will not bring escom to life. I would praise you if you said we should emulate what the foreign countries have done to keep their light on all the time.

    2. The topic is not Escom, is about noise. If all those radios go off you will save electricity too and can prevent load shedding

    3. Which country are you talking about? Am in south we do parting but no one ever came to me to stop the noise. Don’t lie

    4. Za chamba basi which countries yu r talking about? ufuna unamizepo anthu apa eti ? even azungu amapangira makomo mwawo musapusitse anthu apa aliyese amapanga zinthu malingana ndi mu thumba mwake osati mbwererazi apa

    5. Do u expect residence which are highly populated to be a quite place?….thats impossible, and having a quite enviroment solve the problems of water and electricity, and expect noise where people who are still having a gift of life dwell, if you want a quite place then go to graveyard!

    6. Do u expect residence which are highly populated to be a quite place?….thats impossible, and having a quite enviroment won’t solve the problems of water and electricity, and expect noise where people who are still having a gift of life dwell, if you want a quite place then go to graveyard!

    7. Enerst siunakhalepo madera a anthu azindikira ine pano ndinena pano kuti ndipange play music loud atha kubwera a Police pompano with a warning. Tell me where did you go and saw that salvage life of noise?

    8. Mr. Dickson. You have the right to go wherever noise doesn’t exist. We are not ready to change what we have always been doing.. Ride to hell, don’t waste my time you are brainless.

    9. ati kufuna kukhala ozindikira. Zofuna zao zikhale zatonse. Pelekani maganizo anu kwamzika za Bt ndipo zisankhe zomwe zikufuna osati kuzipangira ayi.

    10. Its total anarchy to be living next to a neighbour who plays loud music, even during the day. People have got different priorities in life. When one is celebrating it doesn’t mean everybody is in a celebratory mood. Some are mourning, some are studying, some are busy strategizing for their businesses. It is only right and proper to treat residential areas with the respect they deserve. We need peace in the homes. This is why we have public places e.g. Bars, Halls etc where if one chooses to make merry, then he/she can go there.


    11. Kkkkkkkk last time amafuna kutibera pomati ma dj aziikhala ndi license now alowa kuphokonso. Koma boma la mbavali litivuta bwanji. Mr Dickson BT is highly populated and you can’t expect people to stay even LL area 47 zoyimbira amakweza momwe akufunira so if you want ku malo kopanda phokoso mukakhale ku farm. Komanso kunja mukunenako anthuwatu amakhala mu one complex most of the times zasiyana ndi kwathu so musawonetse ngati ngati ndinu anzeru kwambiri komanso Trump yo ndi munthu ngati ine si mngelo kuti titekeseke

    12. And these people at the end of the day they take our money go to lake and and expensive pubs with prostitutes kukasangalala kwinaku gumba gumba ikusinja koma chosecho akuti ife magumba tikasunge mchikwama. Mbuziiiiiiiii!!!!!! anthuwa ndi agalu basi school siyinawapindulire

  8. Kikikikikikikik exctly, we were born and we grew up in those residents were noise pollution is like our everyday food, so you can’t just stand up today and say we want to ban the system which was alrdy there of hosting weddings, parties in our residential areas. Its true, we live in noise, and we don’t even complain about that, the quite environment won’t solve our problems we are currently facing, had it been that our noise is the source of all the problems, like water shortage, electricity etc then your advise could have been beneficial to our residence. After all the price of your hallz isn’t fair for a poor citizen like me to pay for it!

  9. Chalamanda is taking people of bt for granted, people have gumba gumba,s in their dweling houses, so where are the people going to play there gumba gumba,s at full blast…this cant be allowed be in lilongwe…

  10. kodi ndi mapwando omwe shee!! ndimaona ngati ndi ma bridals okhatu,koma ina ndi nsanje guys…poti ife timachoka lilongwe timavaya btown kuka spenda money nde no sound!! hell no ofunika appeal pamenepa guys osasekelera..akakana kuyenda mbulanda mu chipembere highway mpaka ku nyumba za boma mtauni…another thing ngati zili choncho naonso a president akamaenda mu highway ma siren njee and pa misokhano yawo no speakers….zisakomere mbuzi yokha ai,naye galu aufileko

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