Govt. asked to abandon Malata subsidy and focus on agriculture


As debate continues on the maize price in Admarc depots of the country, a local agricultural expert has urged government to suspend Malata-cement subsidy and use the funds for lowering price of the staple grain in Malawi.

The expert, Tamani Nkhono-Mvula, argued that the debate on maize can come to an end if government is to implement a plan that cannot hurt victims of hunger.

Malata subsidy receives criticism. Google image)

Mvula who is the national coordinator for Civil Society Agricultural Network (Cisanet) said the country should suspend the subsidy programs to avert hunger situation as millions of people are food insecure.

“Why can’t we suspend the Malata cement subsidy for two years so that we can use the funds to lower the price of maize in the country” said Nkhono-Mvula.

His sentiments follow a controversial debate over the introduced maize price per 50 kilograms (Kg) bag that has been pegged at K12,500.

While some people have commended government for the price arguing that Admarc will be able to recover the money used in buying the grains from neighboring countries, others have argued that the price is not favourable to citizens in rural areas.

Opposition parties and some stakeholders expressed discomfort over the price of maize arguing that the poor cannot buy the grains at the newly introduced price.

However, American ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer welcomed the maize prize saying it can help to recover the money used for the purchase.

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  1. Anthu timadalira kwambiri boma kuyambira za mpirazi akuti boma ntchito boma lomweronso zachakudya bomanso zishango zimenenso akuti boma Kaya mvura sinagwe bwino akuti ndi boma kudziyang’anira tokha ayinso akuti koma boma ayayaya!!!! Malawi democracy wako ngomvulala naye basi

  2. Agriculture has been our stem since 1964. So what kind of focus? Do you mean Malawi government mustn’t do anything about development except agriculture?

  3. stopping it will be a BIG EMBARRASSMENT to DPP. Deep down their hearts, the confess tht this subsidy is failed but they have no option other than pretending as if is workable

  4. Why is it that the so called government is carelessly wasting money for subsidiaries which do not change the face of people inMalawi? Unless this system cannot be stopped Malawi will continue to develop impoverlishly

  5. inenso ndinkadabwa nazo zimenezi m’malo moti atsitse mitengo ya zakudya kuti nafe tinenepe ngati anthu apa Jon koma ati iyayi titsitsa malata….ife tizidya malatawo???

  6. Mmmm,we as the village mongers,we cant express our viewz coz we r the one strugling with hunger,bt gvt z smply watchng at ths, “no need to change”. I hv never see the stupt gvt lk ths!!!ok let t be.

  7. Nothing to support
    Why cant they subsidy both
    Why dont they save money
    Where the money goes

    They want us to prepair to pay only for both

  8. I dont support this useless project, government should rather channel those funds towards youth develepment,more especially those interested in modern farming/animal husbandly. Its time to invest in youth

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