Dowa Police intensify security for festive season

Malawi Police

Police in Dowa have intensified security during this festive period in order to reduce crime. The police are among other activities conducting sweeping exercises, patrols, and intensive traffic checks.

Dowa Police Public Relations Officer Richard Kaponda said the law enforcers’ aim is to create a crime free district during this festive season.

According to Kaponda, police officers on Saturday arrested 22 people on a sweeping exercise that they conducted around Dzaleka, Dowa turn off, Chakhungu, Chezi and Dowa boma trading centres.

The officers also impounded 23 motorcycles that are unregistered and for other traffic related offences.

“The suspects are 8 women and 14 men of the ages between 18 and 30. They will appear in court soon to answer different offences ranging from, being found in possession of liquid fuel without documents, being found in possession of Indian hemp, selling liquor without licence and rogue and vagabond.” Kaponda said.



  1. Security ya pakamwa kapena yogwira mahule!! Mfuti ya thabwa with one bullet apolice atatu how cn u expecting these kind of combat to provide maximum security… #ndinamva_kanyamakazi_pang’ono

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