‘Obama’ lies to Parliament


The minister of home affairs and internal security and the director of fisheries have given contradictory statements on sixteen marine staff who were reported to have been trapped on Lake Malawi for almost four days.

The minister responsible Grace ‘Obama’ Chiumia told MPs in the National Assembly that the report that some staff members at marine department were stuck on Lake Malawi was ‘false’.

Grace Chiumia

Chiumia: Held a contradicting statements on the matter.

The sentiment came after legislators faulted government’s negligence to rescue the marine workers.

But Chiumia told the lawmakers that the said stuck boat had no staff members on board and that it was under repair.

However one member on board confirmed with the local press that he has been on the lake for days after a rescue team failed to come to give a hand of help.

He described his situation as undesirable with resources depleting on their reserved stock.

Director of fisheries Steve Donda later confirmed that the team was rescued and that they were heading to the mainland, a contrary statement to what Chiumia told her fellow parliamentarians.


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