We did not force children to march – Churches

Anti abortion march in Malawi.

Local churches have disclosed that they never intended to have school going children during the march organised to express discomfort against legalisation of same sex marriages and termination of pregnancy.

The sentiments come at a time when the Centre for Development of People (CEDEP) has faulted the local churches for having children to be part of the nationwide march.

In a statement released on Wednesday, CEDEP described the act of having the march as “hypocritical and selfish” arguing that it violated right to education for the children.

Henry Saindi
People who marched have a similar view on the matter: Saindi.

Reacting on the matter, the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) through its general secretary Father Henry Saindi has thrown out the accusation describing it as unfortunate.

“For many years, we have had a demonstrable record of respect for education. And if you look at the start of the march, you will appreciate that there were only adults. The said children joined the demonstration when the marchers were passing their institutions. And that was not in the plan of organisers,” said Saindi.

The Evangelical Association of Malawi and ECM led thousands of citizens to express their position on legalisation of the termination of pregnancy bill.

However, Malawi government has disclosed that it has no plans to table the abortion bill in Parliament.



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  2. Why they not u want to tell us that children they got no rights u bulshit zikuwanyansa ana zimenezo kuti azitaya mimba ,kukwatirana okhaokha akazi komanso amuna zopusa mfwe mfwe mfwe

  3. church church let the world be the world if u want to fix thing holy spirit is only way for church not physical toyi toyi za anthu achikunja izo

  4. I don’t see any problem,even Jesus love the children it really shows that abortion & homosexual is a sin that,s y they joined the matchers they want more friends to be born.If the bill is approved who are they going to play with?Ana sanalakwe akuopa kuti mawa ndi nkucha axasowa osewera naye.

  5. Children were not learning they were just playing…they just thought it wise to join us on the street!dont blame us please……….

    1. Bro every revolution minus the church it is not a revolution. Remember what happened when Jesus was entering Jerusalem. People matched. It is our responsibility: the government system was started by religous people. If the system colapses we have to take action to restore harmony and intergrity of the nation.

    2. No My Friend The Jerusalem Incident Was Not A Protest,,they Wea Just Happily Welcoming The Messiah,,ovcos We Can Claim That Religion Played A Big Part In Forming The Goverment But It Wasnt Christianity It Was Socerece And Some Other Ancient Religions,,islam And Christianity Only Replaced Them As They Became Popular,,,salvation First,

    3. u need first to place ur self in a position where you are able to capture the gospel. How can you listen to pastor yet u r involvedd in same sex act. first is too deal with gay act

  6. coz of late payments, most teachers where not at work to control those learners. Am sure they just jouned the protesters coz they had nothing to do.

    1. teachers were out collecting their payments and buying whatever from Monday to Wednesday when they got paid, kumamva osamangotsusa

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