Man rapes 12 year-old girl


Police in Dowa district have arrested a 34 year-old man for raping a 12 year-old girl on several occasions.

Dowa Police Public Relations Officer Richard Kaponda has identified the sexual offender as Amos Mbewe.

cuffsAccording to Kaponda, the rapist took the 12 year-old girl from her parents’ home in the same district with the aim of staying with her.

The rapist promised the girl’s parents who were his family friends that he will take good care of the child and she will continue with education.

But when he took her to his house, the evil man began raping the young girl whenever his wife was away.

“On December 4 the suspect again sexually abused the child and gave her K100 so that she should not reveal this to anyone. But the girl went outside the house and started crying and when neighbours saw this they asked the girl what happened and she revealed everything,” Kaponda said.

The issue was reported to police who arrested Mbewe.

The rapist Mbewe comes from Chichitike village, Traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa District.



  1. Nthawi zina mmangoti twelve year old, 9 year old, pamene ndi ntchembere.Atsikana akususuka udyo awa kumagona ndi anthu misinkhu ya a Bambo awo.Akawakaniza ndalama ya “airtime” akuti awagwililira.

  2. Ndiye a mabungwe akamamenyela ufulu wa azimayi atsikana muzidandaula azibambo inu. Nkhani zake zimakhala ngati zimenezi. Three qaurters ya amuna ndi ma rapist, ndiye Boma ndi mabungwe achita bwanji?.

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