Robert Chiwamba slams ESCOM, CSOs, abortion and homosexuality in new release

Wokomaatani Malunga

Well-known poet Robert Chiwamba has released a new piece entitled Anatilodzayo ndi Mfitidi.

In the poem Chiwamba talks about the electricity blackouts that have hit Malawi, saying if anyone is behind the power cuts then Malawians should go and apologise to the person because many lives are being lost due to blackouts.

Robert Chiwamba
Chiwamba slams ESCOM and CSOS is Anatilodza ndi mfitidi.

The Chancellor College alumni also faulted Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) for giving unnecessary excuses on the causes of blackouts in the country.

He also took a swipe on CSO leaders for arguing that Malawi should legalize abortion and homosexuality.

Chiwamba also ridiculed Members of Parliament who sleep in Parliament when they have to discuss important government business yet they are in the forefront appealing for salary increments.

The poet has also hit out at government for releasing people who swindle government money.

Robert Chiwamba is well known with his poems such as Takana Mathanyula and Flames Sizamva.



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