Banana growers will get their suckers – Govt


The Malawi Government through the Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Water Development has assured banana farmers in the country that it will soon start distributing clean banana suckers to farmers.

The assurance has come following concerns which were raised by banana farmers in Thyolo.

The 2500 Thyolo based banana growers complained that they have not received the suckers up to now.

Banana suckers up for distribution.

In his response, the ministry’s spokesperson Hamilton Chimala said the process of distributing the clean suckers is ongoing.

“We are assuring the farmers that all people who are required to obtain the bananas suckers will get them,” he explained

He further said that the ministry will not rest until all the growers have received the suckers.

However the ministry’s spokesperson has urged the growers to be geared up for the suckers.

Government decided to distribute disease-free banana suckers to Thyolo and Mulanje farmers following the spread of a disease which led to the drying up banana crops.