CHAMACA in fund-raising golf tourney


Doctors working for Chatinkha Maternal Care Support (CHAMACA) at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) have organised a fund-raising golf tournament aimed at buying medical equipments for the ward.

The tournament is scheduled to take place on 17th December next week at Blantyre Sports Club, with K60 million being the target. Dr. Victoria Nnesa, a specialist in Obstetric Gynecology , says they decided to come with the event after noticing some of the challenges being faced by women when coming to the hospital for medical help.

golf“Over the course of years working for Chatinkha, we have noted that women faces number of different challenges when they come to this hospital.”

“We have three theatres, with one being fully equipped but the other two have no medical equipment and it’s always very difficult for us to supplement government’ effort in providing care to pregnant women, babies and mothers who have just delivered so this fund-raising will help us to buy medical equipments for the theatres,” she said.

Dr. Nnesa then revealed that the equipments will cost then K59 million hence targeting K60 million.

“We are targeting to raise K60 million to buy Anaesthetic Machine, Specialized Monitor Beds and renovating the Recovery room. The said equipments will cost us K59 million in total,” she continued.

She also added that the organizers have invited the corporate world and individuals for the tourney.

CHAMACA was founded in March, 1996 to supplement government’ efforts in supplying care to mothers in Malawi.

According to the organizers, the equipments that are currently being used at QECH are old fashioned hence fund-raising with the aim of buying modern equipments that will help in assisting pregnant mothers, babies and mothers who have just delivered.


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