Six year-old child hit to death while crossing road


A six year-old boy was on Sunday hit to death by a car while he was crossing the road in Mchinji district.

According to police in the district, the child identified as Manuel Daudi met his fate when he wanted to welcome his grandmother who by then was on the other side of the road. The grandmother was coming from the village where she visited friends and relatives.

Meanwhile, Police in Mchinji have arrested the driver of the vehicle for causing the death of the young pedestrian.

Police said the driver, 22 year-old Snowden Chikhasu, was driving a Toyota Ipsum registration number BP2719 on the Mkanda-Kapiri earth road.

Upon reaching at Chaponda village, the motor vehicle hit to death the six year-old child who was crossing the road from right to the left side.

Postmortem conducted at Mchinji District Hospital established that the child died due to severe head injuries.

The suspect will appear before court to answer the charge of causing death by reckless driving which is contrary to section 126 of the Road Traffic Act.

The driver Chikhasu comes from Kalikokha village while the deceased hailed from Chaponda village, both villages fall under senior chief Mkanda in Mchinji.

Police in the district have since advised drivers to exercise caution when passing through busy places and to also drive carefully since we are now in the rainy season.

Parents and guardians are also being advised not to allow their young children to cross the road themselves. They have been asked to always remember that their children’s safety is their responsibility.



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