Nesnes sorry for not releasing album


Malawian dancehall artist Nesnes has apologised to his fans for failing to release his new album titled Chibwelele this year.

Speaking to Malawi24 after releasing his new single Ma Smoke, the musician said the album will be launched end of January next year.

He said it was not his wish to be quite for seven months after releasing some of the songs in the album but he was busy composing and recording other songs for the new album.

Nesnes is apologetic over his silence.

“I want to apologise to my fans and everyone who support me. It was not my intention and it was beyond my control so I would want to take this opportunity and tell everyone that everything is set and the album will be out end of January next year,” said Nesnes.

The Mundidalitse song maker said people should expect great music since his silence for the past five months has made him to become creative and come up with something that his music lovers will fall in love with them.

Commenting on the current urban music industry situation, he said he is not threatened by the new blood which is coming in the industry everyday because he has been there in the industry since late 2010 so he is not afraid because he has his own audience and experience has been the best teacher which has made him to be outstanding.

Asked what has been the secret for his long standing in the music industry, he said God has been favouring him by opening doors for him so nothing and no one can stop him from what belongs to me.

Nesnes who became popular after releasing songs such as Chidodo and It’s not fair has featured director Conel Chyoon and Lap T in the album which has songs like Chibwelele, Kadya Ubwelele, Sionse, Ndinjoye and Mundilanditse. The songs are already enjoying airplay on local radio stations.



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