Malawi Hunger: Farmers urged to diversify


The Civil Society Agriculture Network (Cisanet) has urged farmers to plant a variety of crops in order to ensure good harvest.

This is coming at a time when many parts of the country have now started receiving rains and farmers are getting busy in their fields.

Executive Director for Cisanet Tamani Nkhono-Mvula said there is need to make use of the rains in order to realise good harvest at the end of the growing season.

Tamani Nkhono Mvula

Drills Malawi farmers. Mvula.

Nkhono-Mvula said planting a variety of crops will ensure that people will not suffer if the rains do not come as expected.

“There is need for farmers to plant a variety of crops in order to maximise profit as the rains might be unreliable,” said Nkhono-Mvula.

He added that farmers should also plant early maturing crops in order to harvest early if the rains happen to stop before the expected time.

According to Nkhono-Mvula, farmers should plant crops such as cassava, rice, and sweet potatoes so that they should rely on such crops if maize fail.

He further said that it is not only maize that can be food but other crops can also be used as alternatives.

He said despite the country experiencing La Nina weather, farmers can still harvest well if they more plant crops.




  1. Odala ndinu mukusunga ndevu zoyera,mgaiwa akatha nde kt kumangopala basi ndikukanda ka phala ndekt hunger njeee,mulibwino much,kma bvuto lagona kwa inu azaulimi,kodi kulibe ma barbershop?kapena y?

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