Roads Authority chairperson dies in car accident

Jackson Gomani

The board chairperson for the Roads Authority in Malawi has died after his car was involved in an accident on Monday.

The Chairperson, Jackson Gomani, is reported to have died after his driver tried to overtake another vehicle at Nathenje.

Jackson Gomani
Jackson Gomani: No more.

Confirming on the local press, central region police spokesperson Nolliettie Chihana said the driver Charles Malidadi lost control of the vehicle registration number NN 615 and the car plunged into the river.

“The driver was trying to overtake another vehicle at Nathenje Bridge but unfortunately the car fell into the river,” said Chihana.

He added that Gomani died at Nathenje health centre after sustaining internal injuries while his driver sustained head cut.

The body of the late Gomani has been since taken to Kamuzu Central hospital mortuary.

Gomani was from Chiradzulu district while his driver comes from Sumani village, Traditional Authority (TA) Nsomba in Blantyre.




  1. Guys musamale ndi pakamwa panu, nthawi yako ya imfa ikakwana palibe amene angaonjezere nthawi, yakwana yakwana basi.Tikati tionetsetse driver pomulemba ntchito anamudalira ndipo wakhala akugwira ntchito yake bwinobwino no mistake,sikutinso pa bridge wachita ngozipo sanadutsepo ayi koma aliyense Ali ndi njira yake yochokera pansi pano dnt brame somebody.RIP papa we will miss you

  2. this is not true. i was there when it was happening it was not overtake.Mhhhhhh. sometimes you news people you write as if you were ready there watching

  3. road authority chief died on road accident? the driver should go back and learn civics! it seems he went under kwacha education.

  4. Stupidity at its risk, hw can overtake be done on a bridge? Whic driving xul did he go. Oky, rest in peace

  5. Kumangopemphela guys gozi zinazi don’t blame the person coz the devil z @ work tiziyenda oyela muntima komanso kumakhala odekha pansewu especially kwaamene tikuyendetsa. RIP

  6. This is the same as the accident that happened in 2001. Exactly same place and of the same nature. So sad. Man of lots of responsibilities lost. RIP

  7. Sory Guyz,lets Blame Nobody Involved Inthis Axdent,thats Lusifala Who Led Thisatthat Tohappen,lets Pray 4souls Left torest Ineternal Life.

  8. Really sad man. Driving VIP personalities should always be cool minded. Anyway such a bad day accident happened. RIP and condolences

  9. Senior citizens on national duty must not use nissan note. They should drive bigger/ stronger cars that can withstand adverse impact. Is Roads Authority to blame?

    1. Even trucks, Prado’s,cruisers,VXs, fortunes do fail to withstand such things on roads….its not about the cars,it’s about drivers being careful and roads being nice…

  10. Ma defensive driving course anatha these days??? Kuyendetsa galimoto bola ikuyenda. This old papa had alot of responsibilities i guess. RIP.

  11. This must b kind of madness perhaps it lost control n tried 2avoid hitting front car…. Let’s nt judge der gone 4real RIP

  12. Ndim’mene mulungu adalembela kudzafa ndi infa ya ngozi,palibe amene angasiye moyo wake ukupita,koma chimakhala chifunilo cha mulungu,pepani akwa abale a anthu amene amwalila pa ngoziyi,poti chakuza sichiimba ng’oma,ndingoti,,,,,R,,,,,,,I,,,,,,,,,p!!!!,

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