No talks: judiciary workers vow to continue strike over pay hike


Support staff at the Judiciary have vowed to continue holding a strike in demand of a 27 percent pay hike.

The workers were seen leaving their offices on Friday demanding a 27 percent increment on their salaries arguing that the current pay does not match the economic status of the country.

According to spokesperson for the Judiciary Mlenga Mvula, the workers had a meeting with the Chief Justice to iron out the matter.

Judiciary workers still on strike.

Mvula added that the workers vowed to continue with the strike if government fails to meet their demand.

“The chief Justice met the leaders of the union and they explained what they are demanding and the honorable chief justice pleaded with them to go back to work and they said no, which is very unfortunate,” said Mvula.

Apart from the pay increase, the employees at the judiciary are also demanding house allowances arguing that they are entitled to receive them but were not getting the allowances.

The workers were seen having another strike in 2014 when they demanded 30 percent increase on their monthly pay.  Since 2012 the Judiciary staff have been pressing government on a number of issues that include working conditions, pay hike and house allowances.



  1. Government should immediately reduce allowances for civil servants teachers when they go on strike or have sit in
    Why is government still supporting these workers when no work is being done,

    What is the roll of unions if the government is forced to do everything,

    These people should feel greatful for being one of the 20% employed as they must forget that 80% of the population is unemployed an dependant on growing their own food,

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