No abortion bill before Parliament – Malawi Govt


The Malawi Government  has categorically dismissed claims that the abortion bill has been approved by cabinet and is ready for debate in the national assembly.

In a statement, government spokesperson Malison Ndau said the truth of the matter is that the Malawi Law Commission has developed a report and made recommendations to government to adopt a new law on abortion.

The statement states that currently the law on abortion as governed by the penal code prohibits termination of pregnancy except where the life of the mother is at threat.

Abortion laws under debate in Malawi.

Abortion laws under debate in Malawi.

The government spokesperson also observed that the present controversy emanates from the recommendation by the law commission to have a special law commission to comprehensively review sections of the law that deal with the termination of pregnancy whose report is yet to be submitted to cabinet.

In the statement. Ndau emphasises that the report by the law commission is merely a recommendation to government and it is the prerogative of cabinet to adopt or reject it.

Ndau therefore stated that any information that there is a bill ready for debate is misleading.

Additional reporting by Victoria Milanzi.



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