Malawians say no to abortion, homosexuality: hundreds take to the streets to celebrate ‘life and family’


Malawians set aside religious affiliation to take to the streets on the morning of Tuesday, 6 December 2016, to march in what they dubbed a ‘celebration of life and family’.

With members of almost all the religions in the country, the parade was conducted in the country’s main cities of Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zomba.

Anti- abortion demos in Lilongwe today.

The parade was organised by the Episcopal Council of Malawi (ECM) and the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM), Christian bodies who have expressed that they are dismayed by the attack on family and life.

The bodies were irked by rumours that government will be tabling a bill on abortion.

The bill on abortion has stirred debate in Malawi social circles with critics saying that it aims to make killing of unborn children easy while its proponents have mostly argued that the bill will make abortion safer for women.

Popularly called the legalization of abortion, the bill which government denies will be tabled in Parliament soon has seen fierce exchange of ideas and insults on the social media.

The Church in the country however to express itself on the bill decided to mobilise its members to protest against the tabling of the bill.

The street protests today drew participants from most Christian denominations in the country who were joined by people of other faiths including Muslims and Rastafarians.




  2. Abortion Is Bad Bt Laws Are Meant To Protect,,,what Trigared The Issue?The Rising Number Of Women Who Die Due To The Improper Abortion Procedures,,since Laws Are Meant To Protect The Governtment Thought It Would Be Proper To Make The Health Abortion Procedures Readily Available In Public Hospitals To Avoid The Deaths Of Those Who Seek Abortion,,but Looking At The Other Hand As A Cristian Nation We Cant Condemn Ourselves Into These Demonic Things Just Because Of Some Few People Who Seek To Destroy Life,,,as A Malawian I Strictly Say No To Abortion

  3. Those who say arbotion is God wil punish u and no mo chac samalan mukamapanga comment God akukuwonan guyz dnt b silly arbotion is bad amene atsutse ulangidwa nd makadaba omwe and usamale kod iweyo akanakuchotsa comment yakoyo ukanamapangila kut kapena kumanda? Dnt play witi fire of God ok gve us work timunyenye satana mwatilowa mkat kwambili enouph

  4. Abortions will still happen just through the back door. You people may not have a sense of what’s really going on in this country. Sin is not a valid point for argument, laws are not made because they are sins.

  5. Za masiku wotsiliza we can agree or not bt kobzani moyo wanu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nthawi yake yafika ya kubwera kwake kwa mwan wa munthu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! King of kings 4m Naku toun Kenya make gud choice malawi

  6. In support of the Demonstrations and I am asking the government to give its citizens more time and opportunity to speak their thoughts before they may think of implementing the law.After all, its a great pity that while God is trying to deliver this nation from the captivity of Satan,Some few people are deliberately trying to insult Him with such terrible sins in the name of minority rights.I Strongly plead with those in power, Please please please! Do something to stop this madness.This is not the time to be insulting our God.Instead Lets do things that will show our appreciation for what He has done or what He is doing for us.

    1. Gods and devils are delusions in the minds of the mentally ill used by crooks to control humanity.
      None of that evil stupidity deserves any attention especially when they try to interfere in human society.

  7. Absolutely a BIG NO Malawians have spoken to gays lesbians and killing an incorrect unborn babies only the satanics will do but their judgement will come, yes a BIG NOOOOO! 4m RSA

  8. Shame on U !!!! Those they say there is no any pright for ladies to kiling unborn baby, and Man doing sexual intercos with another man, Ladies doing the same . My edge is if u have gt collect something from somebody !!!! Udziwe kuti choipa chomwe uchita chikutsata ,, Ndipo udzafa ifa yowawa…..

  9. It’s Democracy time to chose(Demon or Christ)its not necessary for churches to protest we can’t fight spiritual battle in fresh,its time to pray hard for son of man is around the corner.

    1. Religion is indecent,immoral and dis-honest.Who needs that evil stupidity in their lives?

  10. Wayambisa zimenezi ndani?iyeyo anabadwa lero ali ndi moyo akupuma,ndiye akaphinje ufulu wa ana osabadwa chifukwa ninji? tandiuzeni zopusazi wayambisa ndani kumeneko ndikufuna ndimudziwe,mwana wandani anaulula ufiti umenewu?mthakati watha ntchito ameyi bola afe iyeyo,asandilakwise ine ameneyo.Azinena za mnzeru pena ndi bwino osati mbwelela ngati izi,kusowa chochita kulibwino kukhala chete anthu samadziwa chomwe ukuganiza.Ndimsalira kudya anayambisa zimeneziyo kufikila Mulungu atandiyankha.

  11. Munthu wobadwa ku dziko kuno nkumaziwa amayi ako ndi a bambo, nkumati arbotion ikhale. Really, mmm,really pemphelo lathu litakhala kuti :Let Our heavenly father arbort your soul before year 2017. Will you say mukunditembelera and we are praying in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Who do you think you are at the presents of God .Kaya ukufuna kuwonetsa ku fuko la a Malawi fe kuti ndiwe wozindikila kwa a Malawi onse. Ifeyo ziwanda zakozo back kwa dyabulosi wakoyo.

  12. I wonder some of them are christians,graduates etc who facilitating this abdomality idea.and you can see that they are in recommended families bt forcing you & me to dump our lives.strongly in the name of real Jesus am saying NO!!!!!

    1. Jesus was nothing but a character in a poorly written book of fairy tales.
      Even zombies can’t walk on water.

    1. I’m against abortion really, but I’d like to know if you understand the reason behind the bill or do you just see abortion and think “bad”

  13. thats gd ldea just magine that if the mother of those that introduce abortion to malawi ther mother abort them where do they b now shame to them #devil

    1. Even your god endorsed abortion.It showed the priests which herbs to use to cause abortions.Read your bibles.

  14. Yes and on behalf of malawians who ar stayng in RSA we ar sayng BIG NO to this Arbomination bill called arbotion.Its a sin before God.We say No to Arbotion Bill ,No to killing.

  15. While abortion is highly recommended and used in the bible,religious freaks today want only submission from women.Their lives are to be controlled by religion.Sick and immoral.
    Homosexuality is natural while religion is fake,artificial.Gods are delusions created in the minds of the mentally ill.
    To use that filth to assault people because of the way they are born or whom they love is indecent and evil.

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