Churches pledge to pray for Malawi rains


Churches in the country have pledged to pray for the country and for good rains in order for the nation to have a bumper harvest this growing season.

This is coming after President Peter Mutharika asked churches to pray for good rains during the current rainy season.

Following the plea, Faith of God Church, which is one of the churches in the country organised prayers to ask God for rains.


Rains needed in Malawi.

Pastor Amos Chuma of the church said they will work hand in hand with government to make sure that the country is in a good state.

“It is important that the church work with government in the development of the country as well as in any matters affecting the country,” said Chuma.

He added that the people who are in government also belong to the church so it is most likely that the church can help a lot in governing issues.

Chuma further said it is always important that the nation bows down to the Lord so that God intervenes on issues affecting a country like Malawi.

According to Chuma, the church is fundamental to the nation as it can help bring people closer to God.

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