Woman slapped with 30 months imprisonment over land sale


The Machinga Second Grade Magistrate court has sentenced a 32 year-old woman to two years and six months in jail for selling a piece of land to two different people.

The convict identified as Annie Kamwendo was found guilty of the offence of obtaining money by false pretence which is under section 319 of the Penal Code.

Presenting facts in court, state prosecutor Joel Kabichi based at Ntaja Police said the accused had a piece of land at Salanje Village, an area within Ntaja Trading Centre and she decided to sell it.

“In the month of June 2016 she was approached by Sheikh Chikalimba and he bought the land at K300,000 and on September 25, 2016 Annie sold the same land to Frank Shaibu at a price of K200,000,” Kabichi told the court.

However, the development surprised the two buyers when Shaibu was confronted by Sheikh Chikalimba claiming the same piece of land to be his. But after a long discussion the two showed each other documents supporting ownership of the land in question and decided to meet the seller.

Later the issue was reported to police who managed to arrest the accused person on November 24.

After the woman was convicted, Kabichi asked the court to institute a stiff punishment to the convict saying her behavior clearly indicates that she is an expert in tricking people.

In mitigation, Kamanga prayed for leniency saying she is a mother of four children and a first time lawbreaker.

When Passing Judgement Machinga Second Grade Magistrate Maxwell Boazi told the court that women are righteous and ethical people in Malawi and by obtaining cash from different men, the convict portrayed crooked behavior. He therefore sentenced her to 30 months imprisonment with hard labour to deter would be offender.

Annie Kamwendo hails from Ntambalika Village, T/A Mposa, of Machinga district



  1. Zauchitsilu zimenezo akukanika ku gamula oba ndalama m’boma milandi kumango bwelera zaugalu amumasule angobweza ndalama kwa m’modzi

  2. Rearly this is acting as a leson especially to those who ‘ve got such tendacy.still more ,if there others plz u must stop this the forth with if not(………………….)

  3. Inenso ndinagulitsa malo 2 years ago pano ndikuwagulisanso” ondifunayo 0999506070 kuno ku Ndirande” mtengo ndi okambirana

  4. A suspended sentence was to be enough considering what the same courts are metting out to cashgate convicts.Cashgate convicts indirectly killed thousands of malawians while the woman had caused the suffering of a handful.

  5. Thats very nice to pple who also have this system of selling land to more than 2 pple ena osazindikila akuvutika kudyeledwa ndalama with such behaviour, she has to save this.

  6. Land bill ija imathandidza pa nkhani zake ngati zimenezi. Utambwali umenewu sungachitike lamulo la malo lija likayamba kugwira ntchito.

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