Malawian music industry highly competitive – Jay Jay Cee


One of the country’s urban musicians Jay Jay Cee says the local music industry is highly competitive and it is tough for one to overcome the challenges in the industry.

The 19 year-old musician and producer said the high costs of producing music and promoting it and the increasing number of people joining the music industry are some of the challenges that are making it difficult for a musician to meet the ends of their dream in the industry.

Responding on why he is still surviving and making a name in the music industry, the 2016 UMP best new artist of the year award winner mentioned consistency and hardwork as some of the secrets that have made him to be outstanding among other up and coming musician in the country.

Jay Jay Cee reckons competition high in Malawi’s music.

“I am a musician at the same time producer, when I do not have customers in my studio I sit down trying to come up with new idea that will make fans fall in love with them. I remember when I released my song titled Maliro it was welcomed and I felt so exited looking at the kind of response I received,” explained Jay Jay Cee.

Talking about his plans for the future, the dancehall artist said he is looking forward to record a single which will feature some of the well-known artists like Nesnes, Saint, Blaze, Desert Eagle and Mafo just to mention a few and he plans to take his music across Malawi by hosting shows from Nsanje to Chitipa.

Jay Jay Cee real name James Juma Chitsonga won this year’s UMP best new artist award. He owns Raj Records which has produced songs for some of the country’s big artists.



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