Life after 2013 Sunbird search for a star victory: the story of Adrian Kwelepeta


Adrian Kwelepeta, the 2013 Sunbird Search for a Star winner continues employing music in broadcasting words of wisdom, about three years since he made headlines having emerged triumphant in the country’s elite music contest.

The Lilongwe based singer may not be a citizen on local radio stations but his music has proved to be a great dish during live concerts. Adrian took a direction that accommodates age diversity hence being described as a legend in the making.

He is in love with Afro Folk Rock Music, using a guitar as his killer weapon during either live performances or studio recording. His fingers are filled with charms that sends magical waves to the ear whenever he is plucking a guitar, undoubtedly one of his God-given talent.

Adrian doing what he knows best.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Malawi24 yesterday, Kwelepeta justified his choice of genre. He said he did not choose to do the type of music he is doing but he was born with it hence his inseparable union with Afro folk rock flavour.

“First thing I would like the whole world to understand is that I did not chose to make this kind of music, I was born with it in every part of who I am,” said Adrian

His love for the genre has been intensified by some music greats, however everyday experiences lay inspiration to his work. True to this, a good number of his songs bear aspects of nature and life at large with regard to happenings therein.

“I have been inspired by several artists in the ice cold realm but what I see hear, touch or feel, sound of the wind, tress, sight of mountains, water,” he said.

The 22 year-old has had his choice of music type questioned by most of those who feel like he should have opted for afro pop which is currently selling in Malawi. It appears every other musician blessed with good vocals chooses afro pop for quick fame and in turn maximize profits hooked to the art.

Adrian recently performed live at the Rise Africa Reality TV show first eviction, at the Bingu International Convention Centre in Lilongwe. He combined skills with female singer, Tigris, and their teamwork made them a marvel to watch forcing the crowd to cheer to every rhythm.

Despite taking a genre that is not popular in Malawi, the 2013 Sunbird search for a star winner admitted facing challenges.

He said: “It’s been hard, so many ups and downs. But I am so happy to have met Spare Dog Records and record my second album which I believe is the beginning of greater things.”

With two albums in stock, All I have and Live or Die Story, Adrian plans to take the world by storm with his art. Live or Die Story will soon be available on iTunes and Spotify, among other international music sites. As for his first album, All I Have, Adrian will put it out for free when the second one is officially out.

The journey has just began, in two years’ time Kwelepeta will be all over the world with his music as he plans international tours.


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  1. The young man is a genius. He plays very mature song. I group him together with Fancis Phiri – Lawi.

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