Man gets 13 years for rape


A court in Balaka district has sentenced a 28 year-old man to 13 years in jail for rape.

Balaka Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Gerald Sumaili said the convict Gift Gazamwala between January to October 2016, raped two girls who are below the age of 16 and impregnated one of them.

CourtMedical examinations proved the girls were sexually abused on several occasions . After presenting facts in court, Police prosecutor sub inspector Getrude Kafumbula asked the court to consider giving the rapist a stiffer punishment saying that the girls dropped out of school since the encounter with Gazamwala.

“The other girl who is pregnant will have a burden to raise the kid she’s expecting and despite the government’s effort to keep young girls in school people like Gazamwala are busy going against such development,” Prosecutor Kafumbula told the court.

Passing judgement, magistrate Felix Mandala concurred with the state saying people like Gazamwala are a threat to the community hence he sentenced him to 13 years in jail for the first and and 12 years for the second count. She said the sentences willl run concurrently.

Gift Gazamwala comes from Hawu village Traditional Authority Nkaya in Balaka District.



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