Malawi civil servants yet to get their November salaries: no explanation from government


Civil servants usually get paid by the 27th of each month but as of Wednesday, November 30 many government employees had not received their salaries.

However, impeccable sources have confided in Malawi24 that the civil servants will start getting their November salaries on Wednesday, December 14, 2016.

Goodall Gondwe and Peter Mutharika

‘People need their money’. Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe seems to be telling President Peter Mutharika (Library).

“It is a deliberate delay as by 27th November government did not have enough money to accommodate all civil servants,” said the source.

Meanwhile, Teachers Union of Malawi(TUM), an umbrella body of teachers in the country, has threatened to take government to task should it fail to pay its teachers by December 5.

Since President Peter Mutharika took over power in 2014, his government has been struggling to have a fixed pay day for civil servants, a situation which is always attributed to economic turmoil rocking the country due to pull out of donor aid.

Ironically, Mutharika promised Malawians during his 2014 campaign that once voted into power his administration would ensure that all civil servants are highly motivated by paying them in time and giving them a wage that compares favourably with their counterparts in the private sector.



  1. Amalaw kusamvaaa… Onena adalipo…. Boma laDPP silimaganizra zaanthu ake antchito, koma fwiii…. Iweso waTUM ndwe mbuz yamunthu,,, mpaka pa5 Dec? Ndie anthu azdya cha? Paja udawauzaso aphunzits kut pa30 Nov tools down koma kuli ziii,,,,sukulankhula chlichose bwaaa,,, nanuso aphunzits kusamvaaa,,, ugonthi agalu ake nomwenu omwe mudathandzra kuika agalu amenewa mmipando, lero mukuvutika ndnu nomwe, PITALAYO mimba ili uko mtendere, munya muona aphuzts, smud@.

  2. ONE Of the reforms was salaries will be ready by 23rd of every month, koma who was getting credit for all this …. All reforms will fail indeed ….. Angatchuke , zamkutu

  3. Why is it always that when mps are meeting we do not get salaries in good time? Now, with the extortionate price of food, how are we going to work? When we say this goverment is more useless than faeces it’s because of such issues. The so called president is just staying phwiii, yet he expects us to work hard. This is mind- boggling. STUPID government ever! OBANDA, NTCHISI

  4. Chibwana baxi.Zowona ma cival servants azichita kurotera malipiro awo ngati arandire?Ena kumavutika pamene ena akugura ma galimoto over 20 achipani.Kma mwayiva kuti akanganyawa agura magalimoto achipani ngakhare akt chuma sichikuyenda bwino?

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  6. We r still cool here in South Africa. I know Malawi it’s my mother land. I was working under Ministry of Education since 2001-2004 bt in 3yrs time of my life at work, I discovered that Malawi will never change me. Insteady of getting my money in time iwas fighting with shop owners borrow me commodities. Lol what a shame

  7. zakulakani tulani pansi udatani munthu wakuda kukakamira udindo,patsani anzanu oyenera kapena ma reform aja ndi amenewa

  8. Hmmm. Just one month salary ?????….. In nigeria…some workers have nt been paid for seven to ten months now….. Amis all this ….their government are hiking the price of commodity in the market……..

  9. Fuck the government including its top leaders cos they banked abroad millions pple r starving world visions is closing due to mis management this is kakie for malawians

  10. How can a leader have a sound sleep, with their families when civil servants arent yet paid. How do you descipline them for reporting late to work or not being productive

  11. Ok ok ok ndiye muti alandrod ndiapase chani chonsecho ndikajomba kuti mwina ndikapeze katapira muti ndibwere kwa DHO akundifuna ok ndibwera koma nanga ndikwera chani poti munandiika kutchire transpot ndi 6000 kufika ku town.chabwino ndingopempha nawo zanuzi kkkk adalaivara akuti nawonso sanalandile ndiye ndiwafumbatise inayake heeeee heeeee zilikuno ogwira ntchito m’boma tasanduka zitsilu kamba kochedwa malipilo chonsecho wina analembedwa ntchito yoti aziyendesa zamalipilo athu kaya ntchito anachosedwa?mpaka kulemba pa notes board MALIPILO ACHEDWA

  12. Why having professors as our leaders. This country needs pple of low education because these are so proud at there academics. pple like che Elsoni B Muluzi are of our standard. Malawians never make such mistakes again. What reforms are they bruffing us with. God make Malwians wise. Take one from the North now.

  13. Koma maphunzisife mumatitola heavy,mukangoyamba parliament zanthu zimada mumaona ngati tizikadya kwanu zopusa tatopa nazo .finance minister ndi chikulu chakocho muuzane zachamba ife ayi tileka nafe kuphunzitsa tizikapanga business ana anthu adye.

  14. Amatitenga Ngat agalu odya zotoleza zot chilichose nd ndalama aiwala ndipita kokalimitsa bola kujomba ku ntchito.

  15. Ulesi Amalawi Salary Sidalilika Mudziyesako Kumathamanga Thamanga Osamangodalira Salary Ifeso Tili M. boma Lomweli Sitidalandire Koma Tikumwa Ndikudya Nkhawa Njeeee

  16. Let’s see who will suffer most, majority of Malawians who vote are not educated that’s why we have goats and dogs in cabinet who thinks that civil servants can perform better with this little hard earned salary which they always receive very late….

  17. How do you expect quality delivery of services when the government up to now have not paid its workers? The bible says; no food for lazy man; so no salary no work. should it be a custom that every month government should be reminded of paying its workers? know that corruption is rising due to late payment. …How i wish i turn back to time of prophets of God lined in the bible!

  18. It is a pity that the situation is like this.How do we survive?There is this guy Dennis Kalekeni(TUM-Secretary General)who was on MBC Tv two days ago justifying the salary delays due to decentralization.Ameneyu ndimamupatsa ulemu but apa ndiye waonetsa uchitsiru.Does TUM pay civil servants for him to talk about salary delays in the civil service?Why not leaving that to Treasury spokeperson or if it was for teachers only for the ministry’s spokesperson?Anyway pakuti school imangochotsa umbuli not uchitsiru BUT zomwe mumayankhula a Kalekeni zinali zopusa and zatinyasa osangoti ma civil servants tokha but more especially teachers

  19. This government of DPP is failing to care for civil servants & come 2019 they will feel the pinch because we are likely to kick them out of office.

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