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Chiefs hailed for leading fight against albino attacks

Commissioner of Police for Eastern Region Effie Kaitano has commended traditional leaders for working hand in hand with the Police in the fight against albino attacks in eastern region.

Kaitano said this on Wednesday during a Community Policing Regional Executive Committee meeting held in Zomba.

Commissioner Kaitano said she came to the region at a crucial time when people living with albinism were being abducted, killed, and their graves exhumed.

“A total of 31 cases to do with people living with albinism were registered and now I am a happy person after winning the battle with the help of traditional leaders,” she said.

Kaitano said Traditional leaders have played a big role in fighting these cases and urged them to continue.


Albino attacks ending in Malawi.(Google images)

“Despite the fact that the region has won the battle on cases to do with people living with albinism, this does not mean we have to relax. We will continue tightening security in all the areas in the region,” she added.

On general crime, Kaitano said Police have done better despite a 4 percent increase in crime which has been registered from January to September, 2016 as compared to 6.4 percent increase registered during the same period last year. The Commissioner was also quick to say that, despite this increase, Police in the region have managed to deal with violent or serious crimes as most of the cases reported are minor ones. On road accidents, Kaitano said the region has registered a decrease of 3.8 percent.

Asked on what the region has planned ahead of the festive season, the commissioner assured the general public that Police have done everything possible to have a crime free festive season. She said both uniformed and civilian police officers will be deployed to all crime prone areas.

On road safety, the commissioner said traffic police officers will be on the road day and night.

“Security starts with an individual and therefore the general public must join hands with the Police in tightening security in their respective homes and reporting all suspected criminals to Police without delay,” said Kaitano.

Speaking at the same meeting, Vice Chairperson for Eastern Region Executive Committee Dan Phiri said security is not a one man job and he therefore appealed to the general public to join hands with the Police in the fight against crime in the region. On security during the festive season, Phiri appealed to the general public to support the Police with fuel and other materials for the smooth operations during the season.

In his remarks, Senior Chief Kawinga of Machinga district assured the Police that as traditional leaders, they will see to it that there is security in their respective areas. He said nothing will go unnoticed in their areas and those who have evil intentions will have no room in the region as every Chief has empowered his subjects on security and has men who are always on the look out.

On cases to do with albinism, Senior Chief Kawinga said he is happy that the laws have been changed according to the briefing they had with the Malawi Law Commission and those found guilty will feel the pinch as the sentences have been revised upwards and this will deter would be offenders.

Eastern Region covers Zomba, Balaka, Machinga and Mangochi and the meeting was attended by traditional leaders, Community Policing Forum chairpersons, Community Policing Coordinators and Officers In-charge of police stations.

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