Mutharika blames planning for Malawi’s stunted economic growth

Peter Mutharika

President has again blamed the past for Malawi’s troubles arguing that poor planning by previous governments has fueled the current level of poverty in the country.

Speaking during the launch of the National Agricultural Policy (NAP) and the National Irrigation Policy (NIP) on Wednesday in the capital Lilongwe, Mutharika blamed poor planning saying it is the reason why Malawi is still ranked low on economic growth.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika: Outlines his plans to the economy.

“Let me begin with a quote ‘The road to the future begins with planning’ end of quote, our future will be a product of how we plan today. As a country we are here because we are thinking small and planning small, so we must think and plan big,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika was optimistic that the country is to make it to the skies once big plans have been laid out in the country. With the launched NAP, the Malawi leader hopes for transformation of the agriculture sector in increasing production.

However this goes to contrast to what other experts have described to be the reason that keeps Malawi’s economy underdeveloped. While commending brilliant policies that Malawi has had in the past, commentators have lamented that poor implementation of policies remains a task for the country to unscrew a boot in the sky.



  1. Don’t blame past President you blame at you self make planned to stop poverty you have only 2years for you to change everything because the next Election you not win again this political is not a chiaf

  2. That Is true because had it been that previus regim put more resouces on water and magetsi black out and water problem shoud be things of the past

  3. Ngati anzawo inali poor planing, Iwo bwanji osasintha ndi kupanga ma plan abwino. Ziri ngati munthu amend anasiyana ndi mkazi ndikukwatira wina , nde m’mene kjngachere azingoti akazanga akale sankapanga izi. It can frustrate the new wife kaya.

  4. In 2019 those people who are ready to blame the past gvt should not stand …they are not fit to rule this country…we want people who are ready to provide solutions to the current problems…Bingu during his first term did not blame Bakili for creating hunger but rather introduced a solution…fertilizer subsidy prog..which ended hunger..

  5. Shame ndiye akuchita chani kuti nawonso wina mu 2019 tisazanveso zomwezo poti tinanva zoti kwabedwa tinangonva kuti angochosana kenako agawana ma Tacter gate Angopepesa kkkkkkk yahweeeee

  6. Blaming the past wont hold water, just put ur skill so that u change things around that what governing is all about. What about if those who were there blame the white colonizers? It means we shall be fighting a loosing battle. Remember we voted a president so that he governs not from behind. No time for blaming start delivering please sir!

  7. Nooooooo! U have failed instead of solving the problem u r blaming the past leaders y n hw ?just resign it seems u dont where u are going and u dont know wht u r doing

  8. Nanga ankafunilanji mpandowo mesi nkana kumakhala masankho cholinga kuti mukhonze molakwikamo???? Mbatama iyi hahAha

  9. Guys do not oppose what the president is saying.He was not a president during those regimes.Remeber there is a say that Wapakeriyala samaimba belo.

  10. mukhalira yomweo yonyozao ife tikusangala kugwira ntchito bola tere shede inu mukulalata mene munayambila munja kulalata chazeru mwapindula chani tandiuzeni bwana sakunama olo mutani dziko lonse lapasi mavuto ali bwee ndinapita pa south popa apa simaluzi ake eeeee ndati zuma ndapita kwathu

  11. Malawians thought you are the man who can rescue us from the past errors ,and that is what you promised us during campaign.but instead of solving the problems we are facing you only blame the past government.Apa zakuvutani ingosiyani chiwongolero,anzanu ayese.

  12. He looks at the past he will remain there he will not forget the past untill his tenure of his office as president comes to end hey!wake up mr big man do not be traped in the past let the past go and focus in the future mwatani kodi.Anthu amene anakuvoterani sazakumvetsani nanga poti ulimi wakukanikani bwanji anzanuwo zinkayenda?kkkk!!!

  13. bambo Petulo,,musatisokoselepo apa!! yesterday you were blaming cash-gate,,and today you are blaming previous governments..which is which. Actually you are the one to be blamed!!

  14. Zangovuta kt ku DPP ko kuri dzidempete zongofuna zawo ziziwayendera.Bwanji osamamutsutsako mzawoyi akamarakwitsa?Kd kuribe wamzeru ku Dpp yemwe atha kuramurira mogwirizira bwanawo ababwerera kwa Trump?Ndibwino ngt zikuvuta kuzixiya ena ayeseko.Tidzawonana ku Convesion 2018 nthawi ukungochedwa.

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  16. He is useless why doesn’t he change that he must resign he will be surprised how other people can turn that country around

  17. Just solve the problems do not waste time pointing finger the past.The past is gone and can not be reversed.Let us all find the solutions of the problems at hand.

  18. Then what did you do to change it? By making k2000 one note ? You know what we are tired of this shit everyone when we put you in that position you blame the previous president instead of looking forward to change the country’s future you know what Peter fuck you! Mr president

  19. Its a great pity that he failed to notice that way back when the DPP was drafting its manifesto before the last General elections!

  20. Akanakhala msogoleri wa mapulani ofuna kukonza mofokamo, sakanangokhalira Ku brema za azinzake kuti ikhale excuse ya m’mene akulepherera iye, Pano ayi iyeyo ndiamene usogoleri wamulepherathu kuposaso anzake onse amene anamsogolera.

  21. That’s why you suppose to do beter to show how brilliant you are but when you complain is jst showing how failier you are meaning your one of them meaning your not evn worthy according to how malawi is light now.

  22. How long is it going to take for Peter to forget the past while at the same time is walking in the future???? Be mystic my president!!!

  23. Zose tiwona 2019 basi ,chifukwa pamene munari nduna ya zamaphunziro paribe chomwe mmachita nde undindo oramurira dziko rose ayi mwachepa mmangofurumira kupeza munthu woziwa kubera mavoti koma osaziwa chomwe mkubacho kuti amanyendesa bwanji , ndichimozi mozi mbava kuba garimoto koma chibadwirini sakuziwa kuyendesa mapeto ake amapha nayo anthu nde ndizimene munapanga inu ,nde ndikudabwa anthu ena akukwererabe garimoto roti oyendesa sakuziwa kuyendesa koma choti muziwe ndichakuti munangoyikakamiza laptop kuti muwine mulungu akuwona ndipo mayankho aripo

  24. Thats mr president,tikudziwa kt mukukonza dzikoli ndipo zitheka enawa kwao mkunyoza chosecho akulephera kusamala banja lawo kkkkkkkkkk olo mutawapatsa u deputy sangaphule kanthu kma kunong’ona basi

  25. This we call motherfuckers president,he iz also foolish akusiyakupang zot dziko litukuke akupanganso zopus idiot president will still depend on donor until the death of poor malawi country

  26. This we call motherfuckers president,he iz also foolish akusiyakupang zot dziko litukuke akupanganso zopus idiot president will still depend on donor until the death of poor malawi country

  27. I agrees 100% with this president, he is absolutely wright.
    Other things I must admit his vies that he is talking the hard talk.
    I long time ago on the Malawi news site, I posted the same sentiment regarding to his said belief, he is facing the reality now as things weren’t aligned properly.
    Not all things in the past were wrong planned, big No, but only two major big icon investment in:
    1. Energy sector
    2. Road network system.
    On my understanding of things, yes indeed in Dr, Banda, Bakili Muluzi, Bingu Wamtalika, his brother, rule, they didn’t look property on advancing Malawi in to energy.
    Heavily relying on Agricultural foreign income without implementing industrial development cost Malawi GDP growth so dearly to date.
    Roads infrastructure programmes are also a down fall cause if Malawi’s economic growth.
    If really Mr. President, As on per your obsession facts, what are your visionary approach to correct the past mistake of former leaders poor planning? Really Malawians needs to hear and see what are your opposite plans to date?
    You promised many untold developments to Malawians and now what has come reality to your words?
    We are waiting in vein.

  28. LOL this president was part of the previous government, his brother was president, poor planning must run in the family,

  29. Peter munthalika can’t change anything in this country and ,amene amaonakuti peter wapanga zamzelu iyeyo mutu wake sugwila ndipo amaledzela usana ndi usiku

  30. Actually Peter Mutharika is failing bady. Since he became President in June 2014 the economy is in a freefall. He has not shown any exceptional leadership and it is only proper he resigns.

  31. Ndati ndilankhuleko chonde bwana musadzuzule boma la kale .Chofunikila Inu monga mtsogoleli muyambepo ntchito zanu zamanja anu .musanene chilichonse chakale anthu akufuna inuyo mukonze zoipazo kuti zikhale zabwino.zikomo

  32. He is blaming his late Brother and even he himself because he was there during previous regiem, and the cabinet we have now is the same cabinet we had in that previous regeim, so who’s to blame?

  33. he is right. malawians wasted time praising banda for transfering the capital from zomba to lilongwe when his vision was shortsighted. anyway banda was a founding presdent with good founding ideas-one hospital, sec school per district, one university but we needed a better plan for today.

  34. if this idiot of a president has got no solutions to our predicaments then he should just resign silently, we are tired of this stupid blame game. when he took that office, what did he expect??? stealing our hard earned taxes basi!!!!

  35. With how much donations this country gets we would have been some where problem is that we’ve got greedy people in power.

  36. ,,,we are going to judge you by your action and the promises you made,subsidized iron sheets,5 universities, so on and so on,all we knw is you promised dzinazo mabvuto anu amenewo, those who voted for you I assume thy voted for you to solve the problems not to tell us why the problems are thy,,,,

  37. thats true mr president,those guyz were golddigers,they even failed to construct bridges arong salima,nkhotakota road but their trucks use the very same road transporting sugar from dwangwa,n some of trucks belong to the former presidents of malawi,for example petroda transport and JB transport n etc,so ur expecting this government to fix all these problems within these 2andhalf years,r u mad?

  38. Abwana ndinu ophuziradi koma mphamvu ya utsogoleri mulibe,we have people here in our country who were born leaders, inu or u class monitor simunakhalepo ndy mungalamulire dziko?

  39. Iwe tatopa ife kukumvera kuchikamwa kwakoko wamva. Kodi ngati munthu unakwatila mkazi oti anakwatibwapo ungamakhalire kumuchita blame mamuna oyambayo kuti samamusamala mkaziyo. Mesa mamunawe umayenela kumusamalila kuti mu nthawi yako azioneka bwino. Pumbwa iwe pomwe umachita kampeni sumadziwa kuti dzikoli lilimotele?? Udaonesa kuti ndiwe olephera nthawi ya bingu pomwe udalephela kuuyendesa bwino maunduna. Mu africa muno ngati kuli president opangisa manyazi komaso olephera ndiwe pitala chiselekwete cham munthu. Ukakhutakhuta usamatisokose finye iwe. Bwanji osangopanga zinthu zoti dziko lisithe every day kumangoblema zaziii. Iweyo now ukumaliza term yako wapangapo chanzeru ndi chani?? Apart for kupita kwaamerica kukaononga misoinkho yaanthu osauka. Chisilu cha president.

  40. On this i agree with Peter for the first time…poor planning and lack of vision for previous administrations is to blame for our economic ,agricultural and infrastructural woes…We were suppossed to have a well outlined National Development Policy which every incoming administration was suppossed to use….With that document in place,strong leadership with sound fiscal discipline and political will to deal with corruption Malawi could have been many steps ahead.
    But now he is in government,he must make sure the plan is in place.It should be sold to Malawians for every citizen to know the national path to success.Every political party Manifesto must include the implementation of the National Development Plan policies.
    No political party should claim ownership of the document as all national stake holders should participate in its making.

  41. You said you would trim some of your power but up to now you have not done so, does this wait for funding? That’s how people rate failures

  42. The warm heart of Africa was rulled by a great man for thirty years with the same resources we have today every thing was built from shambles to where it is now but these so called leaders from 94.they blaming the man who gave them what they are sitting on today,do something that will make us talk about you and be proud of you,abad carpenter always blames his tools.

  43. stupid president how can u blame past government for your failed! the first time u was asked people to select u as a president of a nation u didn’t know that they is bugs of problem u’ll face that it need to fix in older to make it a better country than those past government u talking about? mr president please dont blame anyone for your damages you cause for this beloved country

  44. Thats it iz Mr President,we knw dat some challenge wch w ar facng ar coused by prvous Government & Natural disaster nt u,DPP woyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  45. MR.PRESIDENT-SIR! IF the current poverty in our country is because of poor economic-planning of the past governments or leaders then for you is better to go for contact & dialogue with MALAWIANS TO SAFE-GUARD YOUR LEGACY BECAUSE U R IN THE SAME SHIP! WAKUSINA KHUTU NDI M’NASI!!!!

  46. This is total madness! A blema bwanj amzake pomwe amzakewo zawo anapanga kuyambila kamuzu ,iyeyu wa panga chan? Stories? Kukweza feez? Kuvuta madzi? Kuthetsa jce? Black out? Alimi a fodya kuberedwa? Anthu kuvutika ndi njala? Kugula lexus? Kukasangalala ku america? Kuchedwetsa kulipira ogwira ntchito m’boma? For how long are we going to hear such nosense ? Enough is enough tulani pans udindo kuno sikwanu mutisiye mwatizunza kwakwanila mukakamila mulungu agwiritsa ntchito plan b kungikuchotsan m’dziko lino mwatikwana

  47. Where is ur action mr president,blaming is not a solution,show us that ur better than previous government,we don’t need to here the problems of the past b4 we u provide the solutions to take country forwad,ur brother bingu was not like that,he was always challenging with action not blames

  48. Nawonso awa, kodi tizingokhalira kumva mbwererazo daily? Back off if all you have for us is blaming your brother and others, after all you are not indispensable. I believe we can do better without you.

  49. Which strategies has he put in place to ensure that Malawi reaches greater heights. I think it is high time he stops blaming the previous governments for the current mess. We Malawian still remember that he was part of the said failed previous regimes. No progress is achieved by concentrating on the past failures.

  50. Total failure, the time you campaigned for presidency you knew all these and you said you wanted to improve Malawi for the better and we Malawians don’t want excuses! Better implement your knowledge to collect these problems.

    1. Ok mukutathaudza kuti anali nawo lambuyommu?mmmmhhhhh kapena ndiuja anautsa mapiri pa chingwa chamaphudziro mwina tikumbutseni bwana

  51. The door is open if he can’t manage then he can fuck off now wear sick and tired of his excuses he want to turn Malawi like Zimbabwe .people they go to government hospital then they must pay

  52. yeah especialy during bingu’s era we shud have to blame who lodge bingu on power,coz had it been that bingu was leading the party he owned b4 joining udf,he wudnt become president n the 1 who z speaking nosense wudnt b in mw,never mind if he say previous era enhased malawi into poverty,why cant he overcome that poverty,if he z failling to ovaercom it why cant he resign so that others can try on there best?he must shut up his mouth coz dpp government iz full of corruprion

  53. How can h blame previous govt popeza ma previous govt onse were better than current govt!! Muuzeni ndi professor wa anthu okufa ndipo sukulu sinamupindulire…….the genius don’t blame where there coming from bt they worrying abt the future

  54. My question is, did he espect a bed of roses? During campaigns he used to cite alot of problems at that time.
    Meaning he was prepared to solve them. He should just sort out the problems as he promised.
    After all he said he has no problems.

  55. It’s like a man who fails to provide for his wife and blames the woman’s previous boyfriends for failing to buy good clothes for her.Why did you lead her to the altar if you knew she had such problems?

  56. instead of finding ways on how to turn up things …he is busy blaming previous government which government Joyce was there for few years and his brother for 8 years plus him ,blame yourself #apm osatinyasa

  57. he even failed to manage 2 ministries, education n foreign affairs during Bingus era n we expect him to govern the affairs of the whole country aaaaah zokaikitsa tikhalira blaming game yomwei mpaka 2019

    1. It’s so sad to see my beloved country facing a very uncertain future. Am yet to be convinced that this leadership is performing.

    2. this guy is a total failure nothing good will cme out he is ascholar bt not aleader azingosakaza ma tax athu aliphe tizingodikila 2019 basi ,zautsogoleri palibepo apa

  58. There is time you giveup when you were preparing to take whole thing , then you find debris and starting blaming your friends why you took all without thinking about me….what a fuck…don’t be confused people these presidents they are running in same rail way,they are the same they want one thing

  59. Very True And Honest revelations Mr. President. ” Failure To Plan Is Planning To Fail,” Continue Fixing our country we wish you well, let the past pass and be bygone and lets forge ahead using the past as raw materials.

  60. What does it means? get out and resign… don’t you think? where are your promises you promised us to steal our votes? Now you are backhanded? RESIGN!!!!! because you were there that time.

  61. Thats the past nicca, we no longer live there…thats y pipo chose u to correct things, u cnt kip on blamin the previous regimes, ths blame game wont build ths republic.

    1. My friend isandiuze kuti anthu awa sukwadziwa anthuba awa, Joyce Banda atalowa m’bo ankati sanapeze kanthu.Nde awaso zawavuta mukuwandizindila ok! tizionera limodzi.

    2. Zimenezo akadanena atangolowa pa udindo zikaveka koma uku akukanika Kwa zinthu Chair adati kuyendetsa dzulo is a serious business.

  62. the only thing he knoes is blaming others for his failure instead finding solutions and he calls himself a leader…Malawi walero

  63. udzudzu umavuta kwambiri dzulo ndiye ndidangotsegula mawindo onse walowa kenako ine kutseka mawindo kutuluka kukagona panja iwo wagona mnyumba. fast thinking.

  64. to be ournest yes previous goverments failed, so he have more to do cholinga zonse zikhale bwino but it will be along long procces

    1. Not true….his brother was able to turn around things within 2yrs after taking over from UDF. He is failing!…Hahaha has no clue…

    2. Guyz Bingu wz an economost so he knew hw to govern wel de country n wz able to make decision in termz of economic stuff, kma dis guy law wat do u thnk he can do to change our economy???? Myb if he cn hv good advisers if nt ndekut palibe chimene angachite!

    3. kamuzu anayesesa anapita mzim u wake uwuse mmtendere watisiyira mavuto osayamba titani kulira kwa anthu komwe kumuzi ndi chilango peter watilanga ndi mfundo zake zovunda uku ndikupha nyani mosaona nkhope

  65. Signs of a failure; blame shifting, this guy is a failure look at water, food, electricity, education, economy, the best thing to do is to resign, he should learn from George Jeffrey Papandreou in 2011 he resigned as Greece PM amidst economic challenges. Look at Greece now is better as compared to what it was and it would have been if he insisted to serve. The current President is not solving the problems rather pushing them forward to sort themselves and buying time. 2019 is near I hope he will be the next Hollande (adzaiopela patali sindiima). God help this failed state.

  66. What His Excellency is saying is true, the country state of affairs started depreciating heavily after 1994 UDF multiparty era. Bingu(MHSRIP) came in and progressed well to put the country back on track but things went haywire after the mandasi woman came in, now peter has a touch job to mend broken pieces a thing which can take him even more than 10 years to implement, indeed No planning and corruption by PP government is blammed for this mess

    1. Ernest Sambo, you have alrwady said in your comment that zinthu zibaonongeka nthawi ya Muluzi, but Bingu fixed them. Chikuvuta ndi chani kuti uyu wanuyu apange fix zimene mzimayi wa mandasi anaononga? Are you trying to insinuate that unlike Bingu, APM is clueless?

    2. Low mind,Tell your stupid peter to start solving problems.Why ddnt he come during multiparty fight to fix things.Stupid thinking just as he is.Tell him he is the most dull in the world.Three now in office ,he is still playing a blame game.Stupid

    3. He is just as stupid.Bring us 577bn our Tax money.Three years in office now ,when is he going to start fixing things.Where are the Tractors ? Where are the dividends from illegal sale of MSB ? This is the dullest president in the world.Nosense ! Blackouts president.Now he has introduced VAT on water.Nosense.

  67. He is confused, pompano amanena zoti tizilipira malo ku boma is proper government planning? The coming president will say the same thing bwana pangani chitukuko than pointing fingers @malawians please

  68. Waziziwa Lero Zimenezo?
    Angovemekeza Kut Zamukanika Bas.Akamanena Poor Planning Of Previous Governments, Including Boma La M
    Bale Wake Lijaso!

  69. Ngati zamuvuta anene, he should blame others,, he must make things light, why is he wasting time to talk about others?? aaaaaaahh that is being childish

  70. Ngati zamuvuta anene, he should blame others,, he must make things light, why is he wasting time to talk about others?? aaaaaaahh that is being childish

  71. Ngati zamuvuta anene, he should blame others,, he must make things light, why is he wasting time to talk about others?? aaaaaaahh that is being childish

    1. Achimwene English is just one those forms of communication linguistically and not necessarilly a measure of ones intelligence or academic exellence. So give us a break plse.

    2. Mr kaliat u thnk here we ar collectin each other englais???? Here our mother toungue its chichewa knw dat! N talk real isues here nt wat u sayn, check n britain pple dey evn make common mistakes while englais its dere language so wat do u expect a malawian to do? N enanu any word dat pases ur mouth its a broken again!

    3. english is just a language here u r bizy collectin ich oder amalawi simuzatheka afta all mwava zomwe amafuna kunena n inuso mwalakwitsaso zina

    4. China ndi yolemera coz simalabada za foreign language…..chawo chinenero basi amavana…..kkkkk koma busy uphuzitsi pa fb kkkk chindere

    5. No let him be corrected malawians mostly embarrasses me in a group of other nationals more especially when it comes to pronounciation of the words like light ,right we just don’t know the different between “r” and “l” don’t encourage ignorance here we all learn through mistakes

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