Medical equipment worn out in hospitals


There is fear that some public hospitals in the northern region may start suspending some services owing to malfunctioning of important medical equipment in most facilities.

A spot check our team conducted in about four hospitals established that the facilities are operating under very difficult situations because some equipment are almost worn out.

Hospitals are in need.
Hospitals are in need.

At Mzuzu central hospital, machines used for operation are said not to be reliable as they go off often times a situation which forces authorities to suspend some very crucial services.

An inside source confided to Malawi24 that recently, the hospital suspended operation services because of problems the machine encountered.

“We suspended some services due to that and most people were returned because we had no alternative,” he said.

He added that most machines are very old and need to be replaced with the new ones, otherwise, health service delivery will remain a challenge at the northern region referral facility.

In Mzimba, most health centres in Edingeni and Jenda, are facing similar problems, including understaffing. At Mzimba main hospital, the morgue is not operating to desired standards, such that soon or later, mortuary services may be suspended.

The facility’s publicist, Hellings Nyirenda, conceded having numerous challenges but said authorities were already informed and are working towards sorting out issues.

Relative challenges are shared by authorities at Rumphi district hospital where they are also operating using numerous malfunctioning medical equipment.

“Transport is among the problems we are facing here. Our mortuary is also very old and needs to be replaced,” said Joseph Zimba, senior health assistant officer.

In an interview, minister of health Peter Kumpalume said government is aware of such problems and has already begun responding to some.

“About transport, we are working towards making sure that rural health centres are provided with ambulances,” he said.



  1. Brother Davide Warren Mkandawire, u r lost by saying that.If 500 pple can contribute k2000 each we can be at another stage.Doctors & nurses i salute you for the good job you do to the patients in the country

  2. Let’s pray kuti mulungu adalise amalawi ambiri so that they should be able to help such situations. imagine if 5 people could sponsor in such situation things could be better to say the trueth government has totally failed us.

  3. This is the type of governance we have. All they care about is Tyolo, not the nation. May you leaders develop loving and caring heart for every Malawian regardless of where he/she is from

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