1 December 2016 Last updated at: 12:21 PM

Malawi MPs continue to shun deliberations in the Parliament despite getting huge allowances per day

The tendency of absenteeism by Malawi Members of Parliament to attend the deliberations in the National Assembly continue to be saddled in the country.

According to reports sourced by Malawi24,the National Assembly has been hit hard with low turn out of lawmakers since the onset of this 46th session of deliberations with others reporting late in the chamber.

Malawi Parliament

Malawi MPS shunning deliberations.

The development is happening while the country’s legislators are getting huge sums of money per day.

Malawi24 can confirm that each MP is receiving K40,000 per day as subsistence allowance and K10,000 for seating allowance which is paid out before meeting starts.

On Tuesay,November 29,2016,during the question time,some of the questions had to be differed to Thursday(today) due to the absenteeism of some members.

Meanwhile,the tendency has shocked the government side with its Chief Whip, Henry Mussa,warning to take the issue to business committee to ban those members from receiving the said allowances.

During the 45th session of parliament,Speaker of Parliament,Richard Msowoya,also warned the members of the August House to desist from the malpractice.

Msowoya pointed out that absenteeism was denting the image of parliament in the eyes of the public and having negative effect on business on the floor of the National Assembly.

Standing Order 41(3) states “A member who is absent without seeking leave of absence shall forfeit all allowances during the period of absence.

The Speaker can grant leave of absence according to Standing Order 206(3) on two grounds of illness of family emergency to enable an MP attend to public business locally or abroad.

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