15 year-old girl dumps baby in toilet in Machinga

Malawi Toilet

Police in Machinga on  Tuesday arrested a 15 year-old girl for dumping her new born baby in a pit latrine.

According to Machinga police public relations officer Davie Sulumba who confirmed the development with Malawi24, the girl has been identified Zauda Meya; a Standard 4 dropout.

Sulumba said the girl was nine months pregnant and on 26th November her relatives observed that she had a flat tummy but no baby.

Malawi ToiletWhen they asked Zauda about it, she denied to have delivered the baby.

“Elders reported the matter to community policing who apprehended and took her to Nselema Police post where upon interogations she revealed to have conceived and dumped the baby in the pit latrine,” Sulumba said.

Examinations from Nainunje health centre revealed that Zauda delivered a baby.

Zauda claimed that the baby was already dead when she delivered it hence she dumped it in the toilet. Currently, Zauda is behind bars pending to answer charges of concealing birth by dumping a dead child in a pit latrine which is in conflict with section 232 of the penal code.

Zauda Meya comes from Mtiyanga village in the area of Traditional Authority Bwananyambi in Mangochi district.


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  1. Lets not look at her acts only but what lead to the act as well. who is responsible one, two where were the guardians the time she was conceiving and whats the response on the issue from organasations who look for girls welfare to an underage impregnated girl?

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