Japan slated to rehabilitate Kamuzu International Airport


…rates down the airport for international flights

The Japanese government through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has said it will rehabilitate the Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Malawi arguing that the current equipment used do not offer international standards for flights from other countries.

Kamuzu International Airport
KIA: Up for rehabilitation.

According to JICA, the airport lacks modern equipment for Air Traffic Control (ATC) hence putting a risk on the security of this country. JICA added that the equipment donated by them over thirty years ago to the airport rates down the country’s international airport due to the period the ATC equipment has been in use.

JICA country representative Kazuhiko Tokuhashi said Japan is to rehabilitate the airport using funds amounting to USSD 33 million.

“JICA provided this machine over 30 years ago, and there is need to replace the machine to ensure that there is safety in this country,” said Tokuhashi.

The rehabilitation project at KIA which is expected to take thirty months will help in addressing communication challenges with euro planes.

Meanwhile, the Malawi government has applauded the project saying it is timely due to the status of the airport.

ATC is a service provided by ground based controllers who directs aircrafts on the ground and through controlled airspaces.

The primary purpose of ATC is to prevent collisions, organize and expedite the flow of air traffic.



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  2. Remember. Unlike some other countries they are not taking anything from Malawi. The Japanese are providing aid in accordance with their constitution, their UN obligations and their people who pay the tax which goes into such projects that’s helps us. For me it would be nice if people just thought about the hard working Japanese men and women paying tax that in part make our lives here in Malawi a little easier. A simple thank you to the people of Japan is not that hard is it?

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