Malawians gang up against Tanzanian nationals

Tanzania Police

In a tit for tat move, Nkhatabay residents have launched a manhunt for illegal Tanzanian immigrants to force them back to their country.

The development comes at a time when Tanzania has jailed a large number of Malawians for illegal stay in the East African country.

Reacting on the development, Nkhatabay residents have launched a search of Tanzanians who are staying in Malawi without proper documents.

Tanzania Police
Tanzania Police- (Google image)

Through the search, the residents have so far found four Tanzanians and one Mozambican who are illegally staying in Malawi and have no proper travel documents.

The residents have since taken the five to Nkhatabay Police so that they should be arrested due to illegal entry in Malawi.

For over a week, the media has been awash with reports of harsh environment created by Tanzanians to other citizens from neighbouring countries.

However, Malawi government is yet to take its action on the matter.

e, Tradition Authority (TA) Chindi in Mzimba district.




  1. Just stop bros and Sis …..this is how xenophobe start started in South Africa.
    I agree wit all Malawi’s and Zambians that our bros in Tanzania and also Congo have no respect for anothers ….they freely trade across the boarding areas but it’s hard to that in their countries.

  2. It all commenced a long time ago,Dr.H.Banda ignited the furnace of hatred in the hearts of the neighbouring countries by intimidating them that anyone claiming any part of Malawi was playing with fire.He was prepared by then,he intensively trained the guerilla fighters so called MYP to supplement the Defence Force,the neighbours cowered in fear,TZ kept her mouth sealed for a long time while preparing for war,after the removal of Dr.Banda,the following leaders didn’t see through it.

  3. kusowa Chikondi cha mulungu mwini dziko lapasi yemwe antha kutiononga kwa kathawi kochepa kokha yemwe adalenga dziko lapasi aliso ndi mphamvu yomuthamangitsi munthu ” not you, waitenga kt mbamvu imeneo?

    1. ukanaziwa nkhaza imene apanga aku TZ siukanatero.akanankhala kuti ndi mwana wa amai ako akubelekela mundende anthu 50 kumuyang’ ukanatelo.tosetimapemphera koma mwana wako akamwalira akungolira.ndipo iwe ukamalira ena kumati ukulira ngati kulibe mulungu yomwe azamuwukisa akufa.azamva bwanji?yankhulani bwino kuti azanu omwe abale awo Ali kundende ku TZ aupeze mtima

    2. kubwezera kuli kwa iye mulungu tasowekera Chikondi cha mulungu wa kumwamba that’s what I mean sis! yes it pains but God loves us ngakhale ali mundende kom mulungu awasamalira tomorrow they will testify that there God in heaven mulungu akuona zonsezo God bless you

  4. its beta to show them action bcoz tz alwayz seen Malawi z blind country and without guns.We know dat malawi haz also policies wat de purpose of them.we r tired of dem continue until our relatives r out in prison.zachison guyz!!!!!

  5. fighting to a man was never a solution before,.The government of Malawi and Tanzania should engage in peace talks rather than folding arms and watch citizens taking the law into their hands . Its really painful what happend to Malawian nationals illigally residing in Tanzania, but digging a pit will never fill up another pit. Africa is one.Let us come together and fight the one common enemy.

  6. Don’t fight your brothers,you are one.Those borders were put by the white man.If you feel like fighting,close your door and pray to him to fight on your behalf!

  7. Enanu chifukwa simunayendepo ilendo mmene akuzuzikira anthu Ku TZ simukadatero akuyenera Ku bwelera kwao anthu kuno Ku TZ tasanduka ma tenernt olima mizimbe akagwidwa ndi zabwino?

  8. Ntchito ya boma osati anthu wamba,,ayenere kubwelera kwao ndimoyo osati kuwavulaza,,dzikoli mulungu sanamange mpanda ndiufulu wake munthu kuyenda kulikonse kuti moyo wake uyende bwino,,asiyeni ngati akukhala mwamtendere


  10. Anthu awo amapanga ma business koma amanena kuti iwowo anthu awo ndiang’ono ku malawi.nawonso azipita kwawo musiwasiye amenewo ayamba ndiwooo.

  11. Seli amene akulankhula zmenez ndi chisiru sakuziwa zmene zkuchitika kuno ku tz.ukakhala ndi passport amat tikufuna chokhalila pano ukatenga chokhalira amati tikufuna chogwilira ntchito nanga iwowa abale awo zonsezi alinazo?chimene chivuta kwathuko tikuwaopa sana anthu akutanzania koma choti muziwe abale anu akuvutika akuthamangisidwa kama mbuzi.

  12. Dnt just chase them kill them this is our land these new presidents dnt like peace show them that you are also humanbeings who deserve respect why chase malawians only? Yet here we have plenty of them

  13. Please don’t do that! here Dar es salaam Tanzania they are plenty of Malawian whose work cheap labour and other employed at major private office, so , if this action will continue …also, we can reply like yours but, we will bring all malawian his home without ndalama of Tanzania to go back home !

    1. Usiongee ujinga sawa ndugu zangu wamepigwa kunyang’anyiwa mzigo mdogo wangu kubakwa is it easy u always forget kwamba nanyie u go to our country nawengi wanayenda kufanya umalaya kwetu let them do this is easy solution to ur government

  14. Yes go ahead guys akutiwonjeza akapezeka hand them to police but dont harm eeeee and what is our govt doing on this? bola zao ziluyenda ok but when it comes time to vote they come like bees zopusa.

  15. Nthawi Zambiri Mkamachita Mantha Ndipamene Azanu Amakuloweleran Chifukwa Akuziwa Kutimkuwaopa Pitilizan Ngati Ndinkhondi Ndichimodzmodzi Ndimomwe Anthu Amafela Ndimatenda Ose Ndimaliro Komaso Malile Amnthu Analembedwa Kale Kut Ndidothi

  16. If they arrested our fellow Malawians for not accessing authorization to dwell in Tz what about theirs who live freely in our country?

  17. I think people need to understand that kukhala kwa Eni without proper documents it’s illegal but let’s leave this issue in the hands of the government, though we use their route to get our Dubai cars but they also benefit from it,or in all this issue it the government to saultout

  18. In any battle one has to understand the repercussion of retaliations……It’s very possible that TZ has deliberately planned this fight to take advantage of our lake. And it’s possible that Azungu are behind this move which might be well calculated.

    1. In the game of chess the best way to defend is to attack but that requires great calculations and understanding any opponent move and it’s repercussions henceforth helping one to visualize the future easily. As a country we’re supposed to understand the TZ hidden agendas and plan beyond them.

  19. Its time to show them we are also an organized country, za magalimoto they will also lose millions if they dare to close the border. You don’t have to fight to be a man but sometimes you have to fight when you are a man

  20. Mantha omwe timapanga amalawi ndi omwe aktisaukisa… Ku tanzania ko sanaganize kt kunonso kuli abale awo??! Inu mukuopa chan…momwemonso ndimmene akukakamirira lake mw…cant u c?

  21. Our government are doing nothing even if hear that pipo are stuck in prison in a foreign countries thy just seat n watch so for em to realize that we are tired of thyr politics playing through our brother hood let’s chase those whom we really know that the government will pain n act at once. #letswedieasjohnchilembwe for protecting our own land n start the organization that we can raise mony n go pick em up

  22. Malamulo ndi malamulo opwanya malamulo avutika amalawi tazolowera kusunga anthu amayiko ena mumakomboni ena kuwagulisa malo .ndemukufuna tz yizipanga zimene mumachita

  23. Let them go too since they also doing the same to our brothers there. I wish i could just set fire on Mataifa market now according to the situation stands now

  24. do not forget that. your brother. sister mother father are in other countries. let the law take its course. I am zimbabwean. malawian but now I am in south africa

  25. To sey true we have more Tanzania in our city , we do business together bt whay dis people do this to our brothers and sisters kutiwona kulemu kwambiri ayamba wokha chobwezela kuwawa (MZUZU) ZOMBA) LILONGWE ) BT kozekani ,Alandeni zomwe ali nazo monga awalandila abale wanthu!!! ViVA!!! youth ViVA

  26. tit for tat won’t solve anything at all instead malawi will be on the losing side. ma toyota mukugulawa abwera bwanji kuno poti kodusa ndi ku tz.

    1. But at last I agree with you is indeed abad development . It just needs an urgent peaceful discussions between two nations remains tha only solution to this problem which by tha end of tha day will leave lots of inocent nationals of both sides dead

    2. on another note as a nation malawi we need to come up with other alternatives cause seems our neighbours take advantage of us when it comes to passing by these nations . Mozambique amatipangaso chipongwe.

    3. Autrey gondwe ine ndikugwilizana nazo let them go….Coz zomwe tikuziona en kuchitikilidwa m mmm amwene zosakhala bwino.look Zimbabwe,Lesotho anaona kt maiko awo zithu sizili bwino anakambilana ndi dziko la SA anthu awo azikhala but our country m mmm kaya

    4. We are friendship from Hastings with Nyerere so , it is just to discuss together two country then we can get something to solve than to take BAD action ! here Dar es salaam City of Tanzania they are many malawian was come from long time a go to make “ndalama”without any problems but, our government always like any good neighborhood , if we will start to take action like this we can full plenty of malawian on the Fuso ( big truck) then we will bring back Blantyre….!

  27. Thats why azungu amati africa ndi dark continet. Chomwe tikuzuzilana tokhatokha ndichani?? Evey tym akutanzania amalawi awatele kunoso ndiizi. Phindu lokhala ndi AFRICA UNION sindikuliona. Chomwe tingadziwe munthu sangachoke dziko lamu africa kupitanso dziko lamu africa ndikumakantchedwa folena umenewo ndumbuli. Mu africa muno mafolena ndi azungu, amwenye machina. Shame on us

  28. pamenepo ndakinyadirani apolice a kwathu anthu ameneo akuonjeza kuno ku tz, kuno amalanda katundu then kukupeleke ku ndende. nanuso tapangani zomwezo. mukangomaliza nkhata bay mawa lowani pa mzuzu. anthu kuno anathawila mudondo ndalama alibe zobwelera ku mzi.

    1. Khudze I think it will be bad if we attack these Tanzanians right here in nyasaland bekos that will be adding more problems to our brothers and sisters who are in Tanzania too

  29. Kkkkkkkk komatu vuto siwobwerawo poti naoso anabwera kudzasaka vuto ndi atsogoreri athuwa dyera posapanga zothandiza athu awo, kukwiya kumeneko kudamachita mukupita ku srate house osati kulimbana athu ovutikaso othawa khondo. Tazigwiritsani tchito khondotu sivuta kuyamba koma kuthetsa simungaikwanitse osamaziyamba dala.

    1. We are lazy and we can not manage to produce our own zitenje just fancy.we need theirs (Tanzania’s) and the port we are using for goods is theirs. We need to change

  30. We Malawians Are Being Treated Harshly In Other Countries.,,while Our Country Is A Free Roam Zone Our Immigration Is Failling,,we Have To Help I Guese,,

  31. It always start like that, kenaka muona zibonga, mauta, akasinja ndi mitembo ziripaliponse ngati utaka ouma ndi dzuwa. had they known they could leave this world without borders

    1. Tilibe nazo kanthu, magalimoto ndi moto wamunthu chofunika ndi chani pali mayiko ambili omwe magalimoto angandutse koma olo qurani ikunena kuti usazuze chinthu chilengedwa ndimulungu,

  32. Yes go ahead we are nw tired of hearing these news our brothers & sisters being in custody in other countries like RSA,ZIMBABWE & TANZANIA whatswrong with us.

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