28 November 2016 Last updated at: 10:26 AM

Malawians gang up against Tanzanian nationals

In a tit for tat move, Nkhatabay residents have launched a manhunt for illegal Tanzanian immigrants to force them back to their country.

The development comes at a time when Tanzania has jailed a large number of Malawians for illegal stay in the East African country.

Reacting on the development, Nkhatabay residents have launched a search of Tanzanians who are staying in Malawi without proper documents.

Tanzania Police

Tanzania Police- (Google image)

Through the search, the residents have so far found four Tanzanians and one Mozambican who are illegally staying in Malawi and have no proper travel documents.

The residents have since taken the five to Nkhatabay Police so that they should be arrested due to illegal entry in Malawi.

For over a week, the media has been awash with reports of harsh environment created by Tanzanians to other citizens from neighbouring countries.

However, Malawi government is yet to take its action on the matter.

e, Tradition Authority (TA) Chindi in Mzimba district.


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  • CZ 1982 says:

    Yes go ahead guys akutiwonjeza akapezeka hand them to police but dont harm eeeee and what is our govt doing on this? bola zao ziluyenda ok but when it comes time to vote they come like bees zopusa.

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