Ngati Chitsiru video shoot in progress

Ngati Chitsiru video

The making of visuals for trending hit Ngati Chitsiru is currently underway, slightly over two months after its audio was made available to the audience.

Ngati Chitsiru video
Ngati Chitsiru video in progress.

Ngati Chitsiru, a hip hop track done by the Sight Music Group which comprises up and coming artists Crispy Mw and Ill Mind, is enjoying airplay on local radio stations.

There has also been heavy traffic on the way leading to the song on local music sites leading to thousands of downloads.

The video project comes after an outcry from urban music lovers on visualizing the art. People have been asking artists behind the song to create a video for the song while it is still trending.

Speaking to Malawi24 on Monday, Crispy Mw said the project will be finalised as soon as possible so that it gets to the public early next month.

The video is being shot by Tek, while Sight and Bonex are directing it. Setting is Champions behind Club Amazon in the capital Lilongwe.

The video is being shot in high definition cameras making quality a guarantee once finalised. The outfit, acting, and scenes are all in line with hip hop trends.

Crispy Mw continues exposing his magical tricks in hip hop having killed it in Islamic Swag remix. He has been described as the symbol of modern Malawi rap by some.