CFRA introduces midweek games to keep up with FAM calendar

Antonio Manda

The Central Region Football Association (CFRA) has said it will introduce midweek games in all its three divisions so that the league should be concluded by 31st December, 2016.

According to a press statement signed by CFRA General Secretary Antonio Manda, the association will start releasing midweek fixtures from this coming week in order to keep up with the calendar set by Football Association of Malawi (FAM).

Antonio Manda
Antonio Manda: We want fixtures to be harmonised.

“From next week there shall be midweek games in all the three divisions which are under the central region football so that the league should be concluded by December 31st 2016,” said Manda

Manda further said the association has come to this conclusion so that their calendar should harmonise with the football calendar which was set by the FAM.

“We are determined to wind up the league in time following the harmonized football calendar which was communicated to us by the mother body FAM,” he said.

Manda added by saying that all the teams which have got issues with this development should write to the association and they should also state their reasons clearly.

“Any team which has reservations about the development should write the General Secretary and state the reasons clearly,” Manda added.