Malawi Hunger: Govt insists maize price will not be reduced


The Malawi Government has rebuffed the request from opposition parties to reduce the price of maize which is currently being sold at K250 per Kg in different Admarc depots across the country.

On Monday during the opening of the 46th session of Parliament, People’s Party (PP) interim president Uladi Mussa asked government to reduce the maize price, which is equal to K12,500 per 50Kgs, saying the price is too high and many Malawians are failing purchase the maize.

Admarc Malawi

No reduction of prices of maize in Admarc depots: (File)

Mussa continued to say that failing to comply with their request means that the DPP government does not care for Malawians.

Responding to the request on behalf of government, Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda said government cannot reduce the price of the maize because Admarc took a loan worth K22 Billion to buy the maize.

“If government reduces the maize price this will affect Admarc because it will not be able to pay back the loan so the price will be maintained,” said Chaponda.

For the past months, Malawians have been complaining saying that the maize price is too high for many people who live in villages since their income levels are very low to afford to buy the maize.



  1. walewale, i agree with you but then, if the price is high as that it defeats the whole purpose of procuring the maize. the maize was procured for the survival of malawians. if the price is that prohibitive, isnt the move to procure maize self defeating? i believe if admarc dies because of the said loan, something can be done about it, but nothing can be done if a life is lost… njala imapha man……

  2. Guys let us not be too political on this , ADMARc took a loan for the staple grain then it has to recover the money for the loan or else we will continue pushing ADMARC to the grave. How long will the govt continue subsidizing?

  3. Dis govt z nt helpin it’s pipo bcs b4 dey put de price of maize dey wea sapozed to tink hw many pipo r dey gona maneg to buy maize at dat particular matar wat dey took a loan but dey nid to reduce de price coz we r it’s pipo and govt can maneg to reduce t up to 7000 per 50 kg.dis govt z ful of greedy pipo dey dnt wnt to assist it’s pipo bt to continue richer while de poor get poorer.we wll mit in 2019.