Gangs posing security threat in Mzuzu


The rise in the numbers of youthful gangs in some parts of the country has been singled out as a threat to security as some gang members grow to become deadly criminals.

This has been said by prison authorities in the northern region in an interview with Malawi24 on Monday.

According to senior publicist for Malawi prison Service in the north, Austin Mwasangwale, authorities have been overwhelmed by the rise in young people being imprisoned after being convicted of very serious offences.

“In Mzuzu and Mzimba prison cells, we already have about 187 young people, who were convicted of very serious offences.

“We know the rise in the numbers of youthful syndicates has contributed and continue to pose security threat to the country,” said Mwasangwale.

PrisonIn ghettos of several localities in the northern region, criminal gangs are becoming more rampant. Their main purpose seem to be causing public disorder.

Last year, a gang in Zolozolo killed a student who was in second year at the Catholic University.

Early this year, two syndicates engaged in a very fierce fight in Chibavi Township which saw a gang member losing life in cold blood.

The situation according to Mwasangwale needs serious scrutiny and provision of possible solutions, so that Malawi should have a better future.

“Some youths in our prisons were convicted of murder, theft and rape. This is very unusual in a country like Malawi, where globally, we are known to be peaceful,” he said.

The coming of these gangs has created security system to be at a very great threat because they prove to be growing at a very alarming rate.

When we wanted to get the views of Northern region police publicist Peter Kalaya, efforts proved futile as he was not immediately available.



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