Tobacco rejection rate reduced at Limbe market


The country’s Tobacco Control Commission (TCC) says business in all tobacco markets especially at  Limbe Market has resumed promisingly, and says the rejection rate has also been reduced.

A month ago there was high rejection a development that has led to the delay in closing the markets which were supposed to be closed in October.

Upon seeing the high rejection rate, the government has since commended the drop of the price a development which according to TCC chairperson Dr Albert Jangaya has contributed much to the reduction of the rejection rate.


Rejection rate down at Limbe market. .

Jangaya further said considering the reduction of the rejection rate, tobacco markets will be closed this coming second December.

“Nowadays, tobacco is being bought at a very high note and in most cases the rejection rate reaches 1 to 1.5 percent that means all tobacco being brought to the market are being bought. This is because we asked the government to drop prices of some 35000 rejected bails which according to buyers were of poor quality and the government accepted our requests and we are selling the remaining bails below to above minimum price of 60 cents.” Said Jangaya.

He finally said still the Limbe market has made over US$252 million which is down the last year’s US$ 337 million