Mzuni students to demonstrate: tells Mutharika to stop joking on national issues


Amid closure of Mzuzu University (Mzuni), students have planned to hold nationwide demonstrations on 30th November, particularly in all four cities of Lilongwe, Blantyre, Zomba and Lilongwe.

A statement that has been released by Mzuzu University Students Representative Council (MUSREC), says the demonstrations will which will also involve students from Polytechnic are aimed at forcing President Peter Mutharika to intervene and address issues in their institutions.

Mzuni remains closed.

Mzuni remains closed.

The students in the statement have also advised Mutharika to stop joking on critical national issues.

“The president should not distance himself from the Mzuni issue because apart from being a chancellor and president, the president should also realise and link the issue at Mzuni as a symptom of fragile economy that his government is absolutely failing to fix,” reads the statement.

“We still hope you can be better than jokes which are stimulating anger and frustrations in us. If may be you are waiting to see our seriousness and how determined we are to go back to school, then wait and see on 30th November, 2016,” adds the statement.

Meanwhile, the students have promised that the demonstrations will be done peacefully. The demonstrations will be followed by vigil at Parliament building in Lilongwe according to the statement.

The students of Mzuni earlier asked Mutharika in his capacity as Mzuni Chancellor to solve the impasse by addressing the concerns of the members of the staff whose strike led to closure of the university told the students he cannot solve all issues that arises in universities.

Recently government told Mzuzu University staff that it has no money to hike their salary as to their plea.



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  1. Lilongwe, Bt, Zomba and Lilongwe? wat crap is that? dont you edit your documents before putting the on the wall?? tikhalile kunena kangati kuti let’s do our things mwaserious. I think this mentality is wat brings our country behind. how can we develop wt dis mindset, yotailila popanga zinthu? Even mma business athu such is the case. kutailila kukutipweteketsa kwabasi.

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