Mutharika calls for suggestions on solving Malawi’s problems


Despite reports of Malawi government being arrogant to consider suggestions made by various stakeholders on social-economic hiccups that have hit the country, President Peter Mutharika has disclosed that he is looking for solutions from the general public on the challenges that have marred the nation.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika: Addressed the nation last night.

The appeal for solutions by the head of state through his national address on Monday raises eyebrows of the current state of affairs in the country that have made Mutharika seek answers from Malawians on the problems citizens are facing.

In his speech, Mutharika placed a suggestion box at the door of the chief secretary to government for people to deliver any possible solution that can change the country for the better.

“And to all Malawians listening to me now, if you have alternatives that can help us improve, I invite you to submit your ideas to me through the chief secretary to the government, upon receipt of your suggestions I will organise a platform to discuss these,” said Mutharika.

However this appeal comes after the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has tried all it can to share the resolutions made by its stakeholders in February this year at Mount Soche in Blantyre.

The February PAC indaba that hosted different experts to make a way for Malawi lacked support from government team that was appointed by Mutharika to discuss the resolutions with PAC.

PAC Chairperson Felix Chingota told Journalists in Zomba that government has been delaying to be served with the resolutions made in February, a development that took away the value of having its stakeholders gathered in Blantyre.

Concurring with reports of government arrogance, opposition parties have in the past pointed at government for sidelining their ideas on the problems citizens are in.

People’s Party (PP) acting President Uladi Mussa is on record to have disclosed that the government does not listen.

“Vuto lilipo ndi boma ili ndi kusava zonena ena (the problem is that government does not listen to our suggestions),” said Mussa.



  1. the problem with this old man is that he only listens to his juju loving wife, ben phiri and few idiots at state house.he is surrounded by fortune seekers.mutharika needs to make drastic changes to save his sinking political career.

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