Two netted for selling fake meat


Police in Kasungu district are keeping in custody two men for selling fox meat under the pretext that it was duiker’s (Gwape) meat.

The two have been identified as Edward Jekapu, 23, and Philip Katundu aged 19.

Deputy public Relations Officer for Kasungu police Harry Namwaza confirmed that on 13 November 2016, the two suspects approached a man called Lemison Mwale saying they were selling duiker’s meat.

cuffsBelieving what Jekapu and Katundu were saying, Mwale bought the duiker meat and took it to his house where he ate it with his family.

“He was shocked the following day after being tipped that the meat he bought was not of duiker but fox,” said Manda.

Mwale together with his family therefore rushed to Veterinary Officer after realising the danger the meat could cause to their bodies. At the veterinary they were referred to Kasungu District Hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the two suspects have been charged with the offence of selling of noxious food contrary to Section 194 of Penal Code.

Both Katundu and Jekapu comes from Chinyanga village in the area of Traditional Authority Kapelula in Kasungu district.



  1. Point of collection!!there is no fake meat,as far as it is from any animal is a meat!!They are very curious wrong by selling fox meat to human.And how would spell in jail?

  2. nde mukudabwapo chani pamenepa?? apolice nawo kusowa ntchito!!!nyama ndi nyama basi,atokhala alipo wafa abale???m’malo mogwila mbumba za #macholowe,achina #kwachagambi,ali busy ndi alenje osalakwa,pussy bombocrat.

  3. Kasungu siizatheka atidyetsepo galu fisi pano ndiawa kutibwitikitsa nkhandwe anthu ake siena ayi koma obwera. Makamaka othawa njala Kumweraku.

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